01 December 2018


color//colour orange

on this first day of december:

banana bread, baked
christmas decorations, considered
furniture, moved
hairs, cut
dishes, washed
rain, appreciated
couch, sunk into


  1. I'm trying not to get TOO excited...but does 1/365 mean you'll be here on all of the days? HEART EYE EMOJI xo

    1. well, it's a ridiculous idea, seeing as how I can barely post every day for a month but-- here I am. this list a day for a year has been a project I've been wanting to take on for ages. timing never seemed right until, strangely enough, now.

      (so, we shall see) (and thank you so much for the encouragement!) xx

  2. Replies
    1. have no idea how long I'll actually be able to keep it up but the fun is always in the trying :)))