15 December 2018



things that absolutely delighted me this week:

rosemary living in my kitchen window sill
christmas cookie recipes in my mom's handwriting
the most golden of magic hours on december eleventh 
a fortune from zoltar
a mixtape my brother made me
a mixtape, you understand
a cassette tape, is what I'm telling you
old home movies from my southern illinois childhood in which I sound like a hillbilly
lin-manual miranda on the radio talking about the saddest song
questlove on instagram talking about nancy wilson
ava's painting of this photograph of the two of us
ezra's pencil drawing of the sun
the way my family ate my inexplicably very dry red velvet cake with nary a complaint
the way my husband took such care with me on my birthday
every single time we plugged in the christmas lights
every single time, I tell you
mirrors and lights
lights and mirrors

(yayoi kusama forever)


  1. Thanks for reminding me about handwriting my recipes-so much more authentic and you know what? It would make such a treasured gift :) I will put it on my list for a futur plan-no time now ( I have kept many hand-written letters and prayers my grandparents wrote-such energy just holding them )...Have a Merry Christmas Andrea - may you and your family be blessed with health and love always xoxo