01 November 2015

this is the year

this is it, guys. this is the year. the year I will post something every single day during the month of november (aka nablopomo, aka national blog posting month). can you hear me laughing? because I am definitely laughing. every year, I say I will do this and every year, I fail. I wrote a little more about that last year, how I give no craps, zero craps, about the failings. that what I'm most interested in is the trying.

and nothing has changed, really. ten (ten!) years into the challenge and miraculously, I am not bored. I still come to the table fresh each year, believing I can do it, that I'm fully capable. that it's an exercise worth the time I will undeniably pour into it. and even though I seem to eat my own words every single year, I still write more, shoot more, post more than I ever would during any other month. this is the triumph, folks, for this very slow blogger here. this is the big fat v for victory.

and so here I go again. I do solemnly swear to show up here everyday-- or, as close I can manage-- with something, anything, some words, a picture, maybe both. inevitably, I'll struggle to carve out the time and, not even kidding, the struggle will be real. but there's value in the struggle, this I do believe. and there's real worth in the trying, there's gold to be found in it. and I'll be digging for it, everyday, everyday.

(internet fist bump to karen, xanthe and jeanine, who'll also be playing along with a little naphopomo this month as well)

(are you posting daily this month? if so, big fat internet fist bump to you too)


  1. here we go. good to know that i'm not the only one to struggle through it. let's do this thing, sister!

  2. YES! lady. High fives and a giggle of course. xxx

  3. Yes! To me!! I'm joining you gals. xx

  4. ok. i am going to do it!
    and i am fist bumping you as well because i know you can, too!
    (and i look forward so much to your posts, dear lady).
    xo woot! woot!

  5. I will do my very best.

  6. I'm in! thanks for posting this on IG, just the kick-in-the-pants I needed to give it a shot. I did nanowrimo once and wrote a really terrible novel, but it was SO much fun. so here we go. *fist bump*