13 November 2015

five senses friday

borrowed from my friend shari, who had the brilliant idea of documenting a week in this particular way:

seen: early morning light shows on my walls, the st. john's bridge on the sides of my legs, my mother (in a dream)

heard: sufjan on vinyl, acapella bowie and mercury, the wind through the trees, ezra's ever-evolving laugh

smelled: the burning of leaves, nail polish remover, banana bread in the oven

tasted: my brother's homemade bread, the first clementines of the season, secret chocolates

felt: film photographs in my hands, an extra quilt on the bed, sore calves after dance class, my mother (in a dream)


  1. I love the way you described these senses, what a gorgeous photo as well :)

  2. really beautiful Andrea. you're so good with words.

    1. oh gosh, thank you. that means a lot to me. xx

  3. I like this idea. Something to think about when I write my gratitude :)

  4. i love, as always, i love. big love.