03 November 2015

seven books

seven books I'd like to read right now:

1. m train by patti smith

2. jesus feminist by sarah bessey

3. photobooth: a biography by meags fitzgerald

4. how we do both: art and motherhood by michi jigarjian, qiana mestrich

5. the reason for god by timothy keller

6. the chronology of water by lidia yuknavitch

7. hold still by sally mann



  1. 1. I'll Never write my memoirs - Grace Jones (already into it and it is SOOOO interesting)

    2. Hunger makes me a modern girl - Carrie Brownstein

    3. Art before breakfast: a zillion ways to be more creative no matter how busy you are - Danny Gregory

    4. An astronaut's guide to life on Earth - Chris Hadfield

    5. The cloudspotter's guide - Gavin Pretor Pinney (already started a million years ago and need to finish....just the loveliest book)

    6. A wrinkle in time (the graphic novel) - Madeline L'engle, illustrated by Hope Larson

    7. Photocrafty: 75 creative camera projects for you and your DSLR - Sue Venables (film forever.... But I still want to read it!)

    1. gaaaaaaaaah you have now officially doubled my list!

  2. I, ahem, have 1044 books on my "to read" shelf over at Goodreads. (Also: am 3/3 on this daily blog posting thing. It might kill me, but I'm going to try!)

    1. well, I can relate! and I'm so glad you're in for nablopomo! xx

  3. Chronology of Water is all of it. The end.

    1. really and truly looking forward to it. xx

  4. I'm on the same page lately! My women artists' memoir book club just read Hold Still, and plans to read M Train and the Chronology of Water. How We Do Both is on my to-read list. Now, I feel validated and ready to pick them up soon! :)

    1. oh gosh. that sounds like my kind of book club.

  5. I think number 4 should be on my list

  6. Late to the party, but too fun to not play! Just listing things you haven't already mentioned. The only books from your list that I didn't already want to read are the ones I had never heard of!

    1. Currently reading Gloria Steinem's My Life On the Road - YES!
    2. Safe in Heaven Dead, Sam Ligon
    3. Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates
    4. Battleborn, Claire Vaye Watkins
    5. Ongoingness, Sarah Manguso
    6. Beautiful Ruins, Jess Walter
    7. Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay