04 November 2015


cousins and bonfires and pumpkin guts and hot cider and string lights. and aunts and uncles and charred marshmallows and ward's childhood monster record. and candy! and hippies and jawas.

and jawas!

full disclosure: I was hand-sewing that jawa business up until the very. last. minute.

double full disclosure: I consumed many, many bowls of count chocula.


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  2. your daughter has great energy & the photo shows it perfectly! from one mom/grandmom to another Mom.
    I love this series of Halloween/Fall photos

  3. um, who is that girl in the plaid top? she looks EXACTLY like you! i love all of these photos, you can totally feel the excitement of Halloween. looks like you guys had a fun night. :)

    1. that's my niece lux! and let me tell you-- she is soooo much like me, sometimes even more so than my own kids! it's like watching my 7th grade self walk around. xo

    2. that is exactly what I thought when I saw the picture, too. I see you and your mom in Lux. -- Stacy Sarver Taylor