06 June 2010

list seventeen: things I dream of doing when the day turns sour

on this very sour day, I'd like to:

1. ride a bicycle through narrow alleyways in florence.

2. shoot polaroids on the streets of morocco.

3. spend another summer at the american dance festival.

4. aimlessly wander the lower east side.

5. back float in turquoise waters along the amalfi coast.

6. sweat through alexandra beller's class at dance new amsterdam.

7. travel cross country in an airstream trailer.

8. dig for junk at mercato delle pulci.

9. ride the train all the way down to los angeles.

10. spend an entire day inside a dark movie theatre.

11. fly down the superslide about a hundred times.

I close my eyes and I'm as good as gone.

(seventeen down, thirty-five to go)


  1. i would love to shoot in morocco.

    and if you traveled to los angeles by train, i'd meet you at union station, we'd booth and then i'd drive you to your destination. xo

  2. yes, i think most any of these could turn my day around too. i want to ride a train. i really do.

  3. my daughter would love that summer program... and my favourite band comes from durham.. hmmm maybe next summer.

  4. Ahhh. That's better. Great post for a Monday.

  5. i love your blog, i love your list!!! love it!!!
    great blog, great photos!!

    see you soon

  6. i'm off to morocco soon!

    i promise to shoot some polaroid for you

    (i can't promise it will be anywhere near as good as if you did it, but i'll do my very best!)


  7. I'm sorry it's a sour day. You should know that my sour morning became quite sweet when I opened your package.

    I'm with you on the dark movie theater. That's a good place to regain your equilibrium.


  8. *Sigh* those all sound wonderful :)

    (Moon Face)