17 June 2010

the best kind of lab

hey peeps, I'll be leading a secret mission this summer over at the mondo beyondo dream lab. so totally my kind of lab. I'm telling you, seasoned dreamers andrea scher and jen lemen have all kinds of goodness up their proverbial sleeves. other secret mission collaborators: amy krouse rosenthal, tracey clark, katherine center, mark thomas and patience salgado. starts this monday, june 21st and it's not too late to sign up.

dudes! secret missions!


  1. Hi Andrea.
    I love your blog.
    but ther's one thing i dont get.
    it's a mystery.
    i thought polaroid stopped producing cameras and films. I thought it was a long time ago.
    but you are continualy posting polaroid shots.
    how does that work.
    please tell me.

  2. That sounds utterly amazing! If I wasn't already running an e-course then I would so be there.

  3. Ooo! Terribly tempting...!

  4. Ok, I'm in! I hope these secret missions lead us somewhere fun like Saint Cupcake!

  5. i can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!!! yay indeed!

  6. What timing! I have been in a dream slump - figuratively and literally - for far too long. Can't wait to check this out!

  7. I just signed up! I can't wait!

  8. hey, thanks everybody! if you've signed up you're in for a real treat!

    herr fresenius, thanks for the kind words about my blog. to answer your question regarding my polaroid work-- they did stop producing polaroid cameras and film (for the most part, anyway). however, you can still get polaroid cameras and film. you just have to know where to look. the polaroid cameras I shoot with (sx-70, sonar sx-70, automatic 100) were found at fleamarkets and on ebay. and one was given to me by a friend who found it at a thrift store. so while they're not exactly making polaroid cameras anymore (at least, not the polaroid cameras we all know and love-- they've come out with another one but that's whole different story), you can still find polaroid cameras to shoot with. as for the film, that's a bit trickier. when they first announced that they were going to stop making polaroid film, I began to stock up (as did so many other polaroid enthusiasts). there was still a good bit of it left at a (mostly) decent price. however, that's no longer the case. you can still find 600 online (amazon, ebay) but it's incredibly expensive. however, the pack film that the auto 100 uses is still made by fuji and can be purchased for a fairly reasonable price. and thankfully, there's the impossible project-- a group devoted to the preservation of instant film. they're making new integral instant film! which is incredibly exciting. it's bit tricky to work with but terrific, none the less. so there you have it. the reason while you still see so many polaroid images here on my blog. sort of a long-winded answer but an answer, all the same. :)

  9. Wow, that's a long-winded answer indeed, but i'm very glad you helped me. I have to say that the myserious part for me was, that you use the sx-70 and automatic 100. A year ago i found a 600 in a thrift store and i bought it and i went to a photo store to buy a film and they told me that the recently stopped producing but they still had a few packages. I bought one, but it was incredibely expensive. I did some researches and found out that the production of all films, despite 600, stopped a wile ago, so i wondered that there are still so many people shooting with them, but now i know. And i also found out that fujifilm still make theyr instant films but it's a different format, and the cameras are kind of booring.
    So thanks a lot for your help.