19 June 2010

list nineteen: to do this summer

we never really do everything on the list. but we like the trying.

to do this summer:

1. lay around. a lot.
2. make snowcones.
3. visit the library.
4. ride bikes.
5. pick strawberries.
6. make strawberry lemonade.
7. see crater lake.
8. build a backyard fort.
9. run through sprinklers.
10. transform old jeans into cut-offs.
11. add our photobooth frame to the andy warhol wall.
12. take moonlight walks.
13. visit grandparents.
14. make pinwheel rings.
15. see movies at the drive-in.
16. swim with the cousins.
17. look for lightning bugs.
18. make tiny books.
19. explore tide pools.
20. paint rocks.
21. make sun prints.
22. read books in the hammock.
23. make giant tubs of bubbles.
24. decorate bikes for the neighborhood 4th of july parade.
25. watch fireworks.
26. hit public fountains.
27. make juicebox boats.
28. go on picnics.
29. celebrate ava's 10th birthday.
30. make daisy chains.
31. spend a night at the wigwam inn.
32. watch things grow in our garden.
33. brake for yard sales.
34. make dioramas.
35. pick blackberries.
36. hang out at the park.
37. eat ice cream.

(nineteen down, thirty-three to go)


  1. i didn't know there was a such thing as a public fountain. woah! i wanna go!

  2. love the list love the list have fun fun fun.
    I can't wait for the holidays.

  3. I was just in Seattle a few weeks ago and saw the Andy Warhol Wall! I wanted to take the photo booth pictures, but I was with my mom and she didn't want to... but I wish I had done it anyway.

  4. If you come to Seattle we'd love to have you join us for tidepooling.

    Where are you going to find fireflies? I thought they didn't come this side of the Rockies.

    As always, you are the queen of lists.

  5. thanks, friends!

    whollyafool, if you can find them, public fountains are mostly awesome.

    emme, dying to go!

    char, ME TOO.

    lecia, we'd *love* to go tidepooling with you! I'll keep you posted. not sure when this quick road trip is going to happen-- probably sometime in the next three weeks or the end of august. as for the fireflies, we're hoping to find (and catch) some while we're visiting my parents in illinois. found tons while we were visiting last year and ooooooh, so magic. one of the many things I miss about living in the midwest/east coast.

  6. i love this list. pick blackberries, lay around the house, build forts, ride bikes- yes please.

  7. I am printing this list and making it my MO for Summer 2010.

  8. We made sno cones with homemade strawberry/blueberry syrup. And that syrup was mighty fine on pancakes and ice cream too!

    Dioramas...sigh. So awesome.

  9. love your list, I am so going to see the andy warhol wall when i go to seattle in july! sounds like you'll have a fantastic summer.

  10. just found your blog via beautiful mess - inspiring! i'm instantly hooked!