24 January 2008

37 things to do before I turn 38

181: 7.31.07

1. walk across the broadway bridge done
2. make 25 small collages
3. visit san francisco done
4. take dance class at conduit
5. hang the wall of inspiration done
6. take the kids sledding
7. create the ultimate underground/old school hip hop playlist
8. have dinner at le happy done
9. own a bicycle with a basket (or a sewing machine) (or both) done
10. read two classics
11. read two new authors done
12. take ava to a modern dance performance done
13. take a photography class done
14. experiment with cross processing
15. ride a train done
16. trick out my camera strap
17. plant bulbs in the fall
18. spend the night at the ace hotel done
19. learn one new recipe
20. have my photographs made into postcards
21. open a spare change savings account done
22. go down as many slides as possible done
23. teach ezra how to mix colors
24. spend an afternoon at a museum by myself done
25. develop three rolls of film a month
26. sample a cereal-covered doughnut from voodoo doughnuts done
27. spend the night in a yurt
28. begin a new photography project done
29. throw a party done
30. plan another guerilla art adventure
31. label the back of the photobooth strips
32. order moo cards done
33. watch three classic films
34. visit a foreign country
35. go strawberry-picking done
36. surprise ward done
37. type this list out and tack it up over my workspace done


  1. Andrea,

    Your lists have been so inspiring to me! I just finished art school in December and I felt so drained, but reading your lists and a combination of many great blogs and books have helped rejuvenate me. I think I will tackle a list of my own and post it if you don't mind me copying. :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    Feel free to drop by my blog too....

  2. i love that you seem to love lists as much as i do. and i love that i've done your numbers 1-8-18-26 in my favorite city.

    totally happy to have found this blog of yours via the sweetness that is mati rose.

  3. i like your list. it makes me want a list. i definitely would love to hear your ultimate underground hip hop mix.

  4. Yay, your 37 list! :) Haven't done #1...but I've walked the Hawthorne (and the Golden Gate...of course!) ;) #3...if you've never been, GO (and go to Glide while you're there). #9...did you mean either/or? I was trying to visualize balancing my Schwinn with the Bernina in the basket. :) #15...LOVE trains...they roll right through downtown here just a few blocks from us. Summers in Portland we'd pitch the tent in the backyard and sleep out there...have fond memories of hearing late night trains...

  5. 6. take the kids sledding

    I have only been sledding once in my life with a friend and it is something that is in my memory forever.

    33. watch three classic films

    May I suggest North by Northwest if you haven't seen it?

  6. how much is a 'sample' of a doughnut?

  7. Oh if you came to Canada you have to come to Ottawa!!! I would love to be your guide :)

  8. After Ottawa, you might as well come to Montreal, I'll be your second guide!

  9. 7. create the ultimate underground/old school hip hop playlist

    when you get around to doing this you HAVE TO post it!!


  10. I want to hear this ultimate hip hop mix too!

  11. Love this. When you go to Ace, consider eating at Clyde Commons too - the great thing about that hotel is how you can hole up in it and just go down for coffee and food and photo booth! The shared bathrooms aren't bad either, in my opinion, just in case you want to go the less expensive route. Here's my love letter
    to the Portland Ace.

    Now I gotta get going on my own list!

  12. What a lovely blog you have! Full of all sorts of things I like - lists, pretty photos, and musings.

  13. Oooooh! Cinema Paradiso! One of my favorites.

  14. amen sista....here is to putting a big red check next to each of those

  15. I would love to join you on those
    slides ~ they had/have still?
    that marvelous exhibit in
    London at the tate ~
    and great for photographs too!

    I love lists and am now inspired to
    make yet another:)

  16. ps ~ bikes rule and they are so
    fun to trick out ~ i love my
    streamers on the handlebars and
    i have a smiley face bell:)

  17. i love your lists! i can't wait to see you accomplish all of your upcoming projects...guerilla art projects & more SLIDE pictures!!!

  18. I'm very inspired by this. Thank you.

  19. What a great list! The "foreign country" made me laugh. (I'm Canadian, can you tell). Good luck!

  20. I love this list and I think it will be great if you do it all. I never seem to be able to check anything off. Here is a tip -- you can do 20 and 32 at MOO. So, you can get 2 done in 1 full swoop ... :)

  21. This is the best damn list I have read in sooooo long.

    You have inspired me to make a list. hmmmmm I am clapping and super excited.

  22. do you think it's better to do these around your birthday? i will do that, I think and wait until may.

  23. i love the "trick out your camera strap" goal, im officially adding that to my list as well!

  24. these are fabulous! i'll be here cheering you on...and i definitely want one of those tricked out camera straps too...to cute...as for the photos into postcards, have you checked out overnightprints.com? i know they do that and if i remember correctly their prices aren't too bad.

  25. I am so glad I stumbled over here today. I love your lists. Thanks for providing a bit of inspiration on this gray day.

  26. Thank you for this great list. You inspired me to create a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.

  27. Awesome list! I am a list maker as well, and I can see we have lots in common! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Hun, have you ever heard of 43things? it's a GREAT way to keep track of your list. and i adore that you too keep a list that has the same number of things on it as your current age. good luck with the list, i'm already working on mine!

  29. 34. visit a foreign country

    Yes and Yes!! Come visit Montreal! Heath and I we'll show you around.


  30. Yay! San Francisco made the list!

    I really like that everybody who commented wants you to come to their city, and yet I still feel like a stalker for inviting you to come hang out.

    Anyway, SF is cool, and there is amazing stuff to photograph here.

  31. I loved your list, and it inspired me to post a similar one on my blog. Thanks for the great inspiration!!!

  32. i love you blog so much, but have refrained from commenting until now. i've been inspired to start a list of my own. thanks for the nudge!

  33. Ooooh - number three!!

  34. this birthday list is a great idea. I've been inspired to make one up as well and also consider it a project.

  35. I did a list too, and copied your link so others can see yours too! I love lists :] Hope you're accomplishing these :] Check it out here http://dailydoily.typepad.com/peaceloveandcupcakes/2008/04/happy-friday-24.html
    Peace, Love + Cupcakes-
    Linz "Daily Doily"

  36. You can get #1 done by walking in the Providence Bike Pedal ....you don't have to bike, but I've done the walk and the biking and both are a lot of fun. The walk is about 5 miles... I think. The bike pedal depends on how many bridges you want to pedal across. But the view from the top of the Broadway is great! Take your camera!

    Love your list.

  37. must
    36-37 this idea inspires me SO much. thank you!!!!!!

  38. Andrea,
    I love the idea of using a birthday as an excuse to plan must dos for the coming year. My birthday is this month and I decided to post one of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!


  39. inspiring... i love the slide one. : )

  40. Love this! Just made one of my own!

    Good luck with your list,

  41. Oh man...I'm inspired to do my 40 before 40 list because of you! Or maybe I do my 40 during my 40th year? Oh God.
    I don't know.
    Can move to another state and change careers be part of it, or is that cheating?

  42. I just recently found your blog and am enjoying it. Many of the things on your list are things I have on my mental "to do" - I am thinking it might be time for me to make a real list. Good timing, my birthday is next month.

  43. i have seen this on another blog i read and have been thinking of doing it as well.

    I can definitely recommend Le Happy as well as Chez Machin. :) and vote (like we all get a say) for both in #9

    i love your writing. it makes me smile

  44. I live my life by lists (which sometimes is annoying) but reading yours was just what I needed today. I am going to do something similar. What an inspiration you are! Thank you!