30 June 2008

number 3

we took a little roadtrip to san francisco last week. which means that I am currently busting at the seams with images and words and colors and hallelujahs and thankyous and beautiful people. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed by all that is swimming around in my head. I'm slowly processing information, I'm filing it in different places. I'm wallowing in what can only be described as post-roadtrip euphoria.

please be forewarned: it's about to be all about san francisco, all week long. turn your head if you are unable to stomach that. I am a girl who likes to share and I'll not have anyone say otherwise. besides, the pictures are pretty. I promise.


  1. jeez. i'm not worried.


  2. bring it on, baby!
    and expect my version of your visit with us sometime tomorrow...we miss you tons already...smooch smooch...

  3. i just found you through kelly rae's blog and some other SF folks who posted about your visit. i am LOVING your blog. and i couldn't help but notice that you are a marc bamuthi joseph fan and my partner is his video designer! did you get to see "the breaks" while you were in town? nice to meet you here. i can't wait to see your SF photos. xoxo, k.

  4. when i was 15/16, i was a student at san francisco ballet. can you imagine anything cooler than being a kid away from home in that town? i think it shaped me into who i am today, greatly.
    we got into so much trouble. we were in the ballet directors office nearly everyday. i lived off 8th a judah with a woman and her daughter. it was great.
    i should get myself back there soon. it would be good for my soul.

  5. bring it!
    can't wait to see my fair city made more beautiful by you!

  6. hula,
    you are so delightful in person. and so fun to meet you and spend a bit of time with your family. here's to future get togethers soon!
    big hugs,

  7. as though you would take unpretty pictures. geez puh-leeze. ;)

  8. Yay! Colours and San Francisco and lots of inspiring posts. Can't wait!

  9. our honeymoon was in san francisco. i'm thrilled to revisit such a place through your lens.

  10. oooh, i can't wait. bring it on!!

  11. Yay! I am leaving on Thursday to go there too, so a little previewing will do me a world of good.

  12. jennifer (dreemintrea)July 01, 2008 12:01 PM

    this shot rocks!

  13. bring it on!
    i never tire of this city and i live around here!! looking forward to seeing a different perspective on the city that i oh so love!

  14. :D
    I just clicked a random blog to comment, as I really have no reason to comment; however.

    I really, really enjoy reading your blogs. I'm from Oklahoma, and wish ohsomuch that I lived in the north. Yes, I'm jealous. Sue me.