31 January 2008

secret lover

checkit, ward gave me a typewriter for christmas. and I love it, I really really love it. when the day lulls and I need a lift, I unzip the perfect brown leather case and stare at it in secret. I pluck at a couple of the keys, marvel at the color and the sound of it before hastily zipping it all back up. ezra must never know about the typewriter. because the typewriter would not survive ezra. honestly, I am feeling selfish about the typewriter. it's exactly like the car I'd like to own someday: tiny, vintage, turquoise, mine.

I have big plans for the hermes rocket, plans that include (but are not limited to): using it to write a series of very incredibly extremely short stories, showing it off to select friends (who will no doubt ooh and aah over it), using it to type up the list. also, I will continue to meet with it in secret, just until we're better aquainted and only when the coast is absolutely, completely clear.

speaking of lists, I am loving this one by madness and this one by lucy. also really loving this one. actually, all her lists are a little bit brilliant. am particularly fond of this one and this one. are there any more of you out there? please, do give me a gentle nudge in your direction. I am a girl who loves a good list. well, and terrific old typewriters that beg to be used.


  1. hi - justine at 62cherry put me onto your site. that typewriter is beeeyyootiful! Only lovely things should be written on it...

  2. What a thoughtful gift from your husband! It's charming. I haven't been around a manual typewriter for ages, but I remember how I liked to play with them as a kid. There was something about the way the little typebars flew up out of their beds and smacked the ribbon that mesmerized me. Yes, I can imagine that Ezra might fall in love with it...

    Also, while I was looking up "typebars" (I had no idea what to call them), I found this very interesting website that I think you might like (if you haven't already seen it). http://staff.xu.edu/~polt/typewriters/index.html

  3. I have my own little list. You can see it here
    Lists are great.

  4. I must admit to jealousy. That's one quirky-cool typewriter. Lucky girl!

  5. Ooohh...love the color of that typewriter.
    My list: Here
    My tyepwriter: Here
    Love your blog!

  6. I do love my typewriter as well- and the case it came in. so so perfect.
    Thankfully, I don't have to hide it from anyone ;)
    I have been using it here and there, and get questions like "how did you get the printer to do that on a polaroid?" ahh, the joy of the typewriter, the control. It is wonderful

    Happy Friday friend.

  7. oh it's SO beautiful! I used to have a collection of vintage typewriters and when I'm settled again, hope to start it back up again. there is just something entirely pleasing about them - doubly so for your turquoise one!

  8. my list: http://portnatalia.blogspot.com/2008/01/2008.html

    here's mine and i would like to hang out with you and your family and friends on a planned 'game night.' let's Plan! :) xoxoxo natty

  9. i'm a list junky too. to counter my usual so-not-sunny disposition, i've started posting a weekly list of good things on my lj. so far:



  10. this typewriter is such a marvelous gift and I love what you have in mind for it. also, love this line... "ezra must never know about the typewriter." :D

    so cute!

  11. you take such great shots and i LOVE your lists... please have a look at my (short) list for the weekend if you have a moment.

    love your site so!

  12. Funny you should post the call for lists, since I've been working on mine all week! Here it is. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  13. ohhh i am so envious of your typewriter!
    it is lovely!

    i am a list lover too.
    here is mine from yesterday-

    with love
    mccabe x

  14. I think you might like this website :

    Have a nice day :)

  15. i made a birthday list last april, after seeing your birthday list. i love the idea. and i've loved having the list in my moleskine. but i've got quite a bit of unfinished business and only 2 months to go! loved your progress report, too. and how it was completely ok that you hadn't done everything. yes, i think that was my favorite part, that the undone things were not a failure in any way at all. i love that. and i think i'll borrow that, too.

  16. I am so passionate about vintage
    typewriters ~ i have a turquoise
    one that is my most fave ~
    it was my Dads (he left me
    about oh ~ 30 typewriters and
    couldn't pass a thrift shop
    without going and looking for yet
    yours is just a beamer of
    beauty :)

  17. i am in love with that typewriter. swoon. my list:


    have a good day, i love checking in with your blog :)

  18. ooohhh I am cuviting your little typewritier...how totally cool...I've been looking for the perfect little typewriter for quite a while now...no wonder I couldn't find it...your husband did :o)(maybe it had a sister? I'll find that one:o)


  19. Here is another you might like.
    I love your post on You can go too.

  20. I visiting for the first time after seeing your blog featured in Artful Blogging. I love the type writer! I want one just like it! I can't wait to poke around some more!

  21. Here is a post with a couple of my LIFE lists from my journal, I still have a lot to do....(don't we all?!?)


  22. ohhh, hooray for the typewriter! i hope you get a lot of use out of it - even if you don't, it makes an excellent little piece of decor to smile at as you walk by.


  23. Your lists captivate. The type writer makes one swoon. Pound it out...

    I am writing my list of a thousand daily gifts here

    Waking up to wonder takes one's breath away. Yep, I like lists too... and don't want it to end. And I don't think it will--because the gifts don't.

    All's grace,
    Ann (who wants to be a plain servant too.... ~smile~)

  24. Oooooooooooh......I am loving that.

  25. love your typewriter!! the color is awesome and I am secretly in love with mine as well :)

  26. gah you probably won't even see this as I;m posting it 3 months later, but I have this same thing going on with an electric blue guitar and my 3 year old son. Must keep it hidden. I keep downloading tabs for these songs I will play one day.