17 August 2007

photobooth friday

photobooth + gummy mustaches= just really so much fun.

this is the one where my mom looks like salvador dali. and she's holding that candy mustache in place with her tongue, you know.

ava chose The Stern General while ezra went for the The Frowny Bear. my mom (whose brilliant idea this was in the first place) settled on The Friendly Barber. personally, I would've gone with The Dapper Dandy. but that's just me.

I love how ava is already eating her gummy mustache. couldn't wait until we got out of the booth. and yes, that is my hand. trying to help mi madre out, for pete's sake.

such a great week with my mom here. so great. we've crammed something into every nook and cranny of our time together. almost exactly 24 hours left and you can bet it will be even better than gummy mustaches and photobooths.

come on, feel the photobooth noise:

kirsten michelle
forest tails


  1. wow. so glad to see that the the apple didn't fall far from the tree. such fun to see.

  2. look at how the list grows! you've started a chemical revolution woman, bravo. the more booth love to share - the better.
    i tried this week to get into the booth at the tattoo shop on LA ink but alas, they wouldn't let us in. instead my sis and i did strippys at the santa monica pier - dark and shadowy but with a little photoshop love, something to share.

    your strip this week is divine. especially gummy mustaches. what my girl would do for a box of those. 24 hours for me with my family as well - sigh. xoxo

  3. i love it! i don't know which i like better though....the photos or the fact that gummy mustaches exist!

  4. the sweetest ever:)

  5. i love these! how fun with the old-fashioned mustache thingys...you all look loved...

  6. These are priceless A!
    So, so fun. Hope your last 24 were the best ones :)

  7. wow, those are amazingly cute! like the mustaches too!

  8. everything about this entry is just delicious, andrea!
    i love the last one of the 4 of you...what an amazing family you have...i hope the last 24 hours has been wonderful!!!

    i'm hooked ;-)

  9. What fantastic photos amd memories you made with the girls!!! We went to Dollywood yesterday and all the photobooths had odd hollywood frames added to them so we opted to not use the booth.

  10. I adore your site. Ive been coming to it for a little while now. Your color posts are simply inspiring.

  11. mmmm gummy mustaches...will you adopt me?

  12. Just came across your blog. Love it! I love photo booth Friday.

  13. this is so very very excellent! i need to find me some of those mustaches...i know you're prolly tired of it all but once again, you've been tagged!