02 August 2007

I can't find the butter

ezra has done something with the tub of butter. when I asked him about it this morning, he seemed to know all about it. then, when gently pressed for more details, he said he 'don know where dat budder is'. kind of funny at first, but now I'm scared. I've been looking for the butter all day long.



  1. maybe he ate it.
    or perhaps he smooshed
    it somewhere you're unlikely
    to look.
    then in say, 2 weeks
    you'll smell this funny smell,
    and you'll find a golden
    pool of butter underneath
    his bed.
    just a thought!

  2. oops...i meant to say i'd spied ava's birthday cake :-)
    i guess i should try proofreading...BEFORE i publish.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA...my younger brother just had his second child. I can't wait till this stuff happens to him!

  4. This is funny and yet a bit scary too. Who knows where that butter is! His backpack? His toy chest? In a drawer? Oh, lady- what an adventure lies ahead!

  5. The same thing happened to us!!!!! Only it was all ten of the newly purchased butter sticks. After an extensive search of the house with our two year babbling about something with budda interspersed throughout the babble, we found them. In the vegetable drawer, under the broccoli. Apparently he had decided to rearrange the fridge. Good luck.

  6. oh no, bless your heart. it's so funny and sad all at once!

  7. tee hee. well at least it's not in his hair?? that's all i can offer.

  8. "i don know eadder!"

    i can't wait to find out where he stashed it though!

  9. I think I can feel your fear...but I am laughing about this too. please let us know when you find it!

  10. Hmm...I guess you don't have a dog, then?

  11. oh andrea! i can just hear his little voice "don know wer dat budder is" so funny! but not so funny....

    we had so much fun, im writing to you soon :)

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  14. oh god, did you find the butter? so gross.....in this heat?! eeew

  15. "Don worry bout it, Mommy" -- didn't you say he's been saying that? I get that a lot from Max, heh.

    Can't wait to hear where it was!

  16. what a nerd!!! That's so funny!

  17. I keep asking him where the butter is, on a daily basis and still -- nothing. We're still looking!

    Argh. Drives me nuts, but I love him so.

  18. wouldn't it be funny if he just ate it...All.

  19. Um...
    I used to sneak butter and eat it in my sister Jana's closet-not kidding! I would steal the jelly and dip sticks into and eat them-i wasn't a fat kid-I just liked butter. It got so bad-my mom put a lock on the fridge. I wish I could say this was a joke-but nope-it's true! I was about 3 yrs old...
    hope you find some answers...