10 August 2007

photobooth friday

sort of a bust, that last day we were all together. they were scheduled to leave the following morning and that monday needed to be more than just fun-- it needed to be something we'd always remember. but it was grey and windy, coolish and not at all like july. I'd been talking about the wading pool down at jamison square park like it was the promised land or something and that was what we were supposed to do that afternoon. and then maybe get ice cream and walk around downtown and talk about how perfect our last day together was turning out to be. of course, that's not at all what happened. as we made the short drive downtown to the park, the sky grew dark-- an angry, ominous sort of dark. and then all of the sudden, it started to blow and looked as if it might storm. well, that is just not happy wading pool weather. we drove right past that wading pool and the girls looked out the window with tears in their eyes. I could tell they wanted to cry. I did too. I love that stinking wading pool.

okay, so onto plan B. only I didn't really have a plan B. I just knew that it had to be something super fun, something really memorable. I called ward at work and blamed him for the horrible weather (right? because that seems fair) and then demanded he give me directions to finnegan's toys. five minutes later, we were parked and ready to brave the Land of Toys. the kids were wild with excitement and the moment we walked through the front door they rolled like marbles in all directions. everything had to be touched and squeezed. or sat on. or thrown. I breathed a sigh of relief but wondered how long we could all hang out in finnegan's before the whole deal turned sour. because sometimes a toy store will do that to a kid-- you know, somebody wants this toy or that one and can't have it, someone doesn't want to leave, someone has a meltdown. sometimes toy stores are just too much. but little toys were selected and purchased and that seemed to be enough to satisfy the crew. our departure was a miraculously smooth one.

on the way out, I spied the photobooth in the window of little finnegan's-- the smaller toy store just around the corner from big finnegan's. I had great plans for that booth, I knew it was there but didn't know if we'd be able to venture into yet another toy store without disastrous results. dare I tempt fate? I pushed for it anyway and dragged everyone inside.

I should say here that the wheels were already a bit wobbly-- which is what we (aka me, ward, nate and kendra) say when the kids are starting to fall apart and it's time to go home before they lose it and the whole thing turns into a big hot mess. the shop was so small and there were so many little toys all around. no one was really listening to anyone, adults were sweating and I'm quite certain there was plenty of whining going on but I pushed for the photobooth anyway because that is what I do. I knew no one felt like getting in but I couldn't help myself. ezra certainly wasn't having it. baby zaine wasn't ripe for photobooth action either and there was just no way all of us were going to be able to squeeze into that old school booth like we'd done in the digital one way back when. so it was to be ava and luxie in the booth. as they squirmed and wiggled and whined, I told them they would thank me for this someday. I promise you, girls. you will thank me for making you do this. I swear.

photobooth friday

will you just look at these two? classic cousin love, classic childhood, absolutely beautiful. somehow I always knew it would come to this, that a photobooth would save the day. well, in this case, a toy store and a photobooth but whatever. I know that they'll thank me someday for this, I know it. in fact, I am hoping that we'll be able to make this a yearly tradition. I am envisioning teenage cousins jumping in the booth together years from now and the very thought makes me ridiculously happy. I'll tell you-- I am just a little bit thankful for that stormy weather.

(p.s. thank you, kendra-- for watching the whole gaggle of littles while nate and I got into the booth together and sorry, ward-- for blaming the bad weather on you)

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  1. that last photo made me smile real BIG. cutie girls. who will indeed thank you for that some day.

    i love it that your day turned into something perfect, even though you had a completely different plan.


  2. so adorable! i'm sure they will be thankful one day!

  3. those girls are just gorgeous!
    i wish there were more photbooths in abq. ...

    i love these shots.

  4. yep. that really is just about the cutest thing ever. i have no doubt they will thank you for it.

  5. that's just the cutest photobooth friday ever! i love it.

  6. absolutely priceless :-)

    i'm off this very moment in search of a photobooth...
    seriously, kids waiting...feet in sandals...right this very moment!!!

    i mean, with my first official SPC challenge under my belt, PBF is the next step in this wonderful adventure :-)

    i've told you how amazing you are, right?

  7. Speaking of photos...
    I was looking at your color week photos and they are fantastic! I was wondering...what kind of camera do you use?

  8. perfection honey. and i'm with my family right now with plans of cousins in the booth a lot. this strippy is brilliant. xoxo

  9. yes, i was sweating...but it was so worth it in the end when that wonderful photo strip appeared. hurray! and please send a copy! we miss you already (although im glad zaine will be a little older on the next trip:)

  10. they will certainly thank you someday! beautiful.

  11. adorable little ladies!! I have enjoyed the blogs participating in this!!

  12. oh i know that feeling well. the wheels wobbly, i pushed it once with three kids in forever 21. what was i thinking?? cheap cute crappy clothes are not worth it, but then i found a bag of gummy snacks in the bottom of my bag and the world was made right again. whew.

  13. Those girls look lovely. And they will definitely thank you for it. I do remember whining a bit when my mother was setting me and my brother up for the umpteenth photo, yet now I cherish them all!