07 August 2007

I am a girl who needs an assignment (part two)

the always delightful ms. superhero is offering up weekly photo assignments. as I mentioned before, I am a girl who needs an assignment so I was quick to jump on board. assignment #2: photograph something so close, it's hard to decipher what it is.

I heart automatic car washes. when the chips are down, get thee to the automatic car wash. turn the music up loud and imagine you are in another world. works every single time.


  1. andrea, andrea, andrea...you delight me!!!
    as does ms. superhero...aka...andrea :-)

  2. I'm in need of a project myself. Ever since your last 2 projects have completed, I've been lost. I'm loving your shares here sweet mama, especially the car wash.

  3. i love assignments too. this is such a great photo andrea.

  4. thought this was roasted corn stalks in the backseat of a steamed-up love mobile...

  5. love it! at a first glance i thought it was lemon slices in a glass of ice tea :)