09 January 2007

two for tuesday

I'm through apologizng for all my meme-doing. you can thank lovely kristen for today's diversion:

two names you go by:

choochi (not really, but a girl can dream)

two parts of your heritage:


two things that scare you:

enclosed spaces

two everyday essentials:

kiss me lip balm
camera (of which I am currently without)

two things you are wearing right now:

I heart new york tee
shaggy pink socks (which, according to ward, make my feet look disturbingly like muppets)

two of your favorite current bands/artists:

mars ILL (checkit, the new album is ironsides)
sufjan stevens

two things you want in a relationship (other than love):


two truths:

I like to spread elmers glue on the palm of my hand, let it dry and then peel it all off
I once stole a spoon and I don't like to talk about it

two favorite hobbies:

making all kinds of junk

two things you have to do this week:

go to the farmers market
go to the post office to mail out packages

two stores you shop at:


two favorite sports:


two shows you like to watch:

the office
project runway

two things you'd buy if money were no object:

a rickety old (but completely renovated) cobblestone house with secret hallways, working fireplaces, clawfoot tubs, hidden reading nooks, bleached out wooden floors, ridiculously slanted ceilings and a family room with a photobooth... and a studio out back... and a big garden... and a place for a hammock and a porch swing and hundreds of string lights zigzagging all over the joint

a villa just outside florence, italy

two wishes for 2007:

I wish to laugh everyday-- really really hard, like when you are laughing so hard you can't breathe and you almost make yourself sick

I wish to see a little more of the world


  1. Now that was really interesting...you are quite interesting! Thanks for sharing.. mtxe

  2. i heart you for playing, yippee!! i love that we share a sicilian heritage and a love of meme's even if they seem stupid.
    cancer scares the crap out of me, and when one of us gets our very own photobooth, we have to make a pact to have one another over, to do a strip or three.

  3. Oh my dear! Elmer's glue... My sister & I had an unhealthy obsession with smearing and peeling that stuff. On to our hands of course but even more so with a small table we would do arts and crafts on. Step one, make sure our mother was otherwise occupied (best not to get caught!), step two, scribble furiously with a crayola directly on the the table top, step three, copious amounts of glue poured onto the crayon drawing. Let it dry and... peel! the crayon drawing would peel up and oh it was magical to our young eyes!

    9Fingers crossed for a speedy fix and return of your camera!)

  4. me too, me TOOOOO! i'm german and sicilian TOO!!!! no WONder i dig ya, gh! :) hugs from CA. listening to joshua radin sing 'someone else's life' and running a hot bath to warm the soon to be 35 year old bones before crawling into bed much too late.

  5. Awesome... You also described my dream house :)

  6. Nice. love you chica...

  7. heee heee heee on the elmer's glue... the good thing about these memes are the odd little facts that bubble to the surface ! xo

  8. I second the laughing every day part.

  9. I heart NY too--and your blog. Love today's photo.

  10. Love this, girl. I know you'll get back in the saddle as soon as the camera sitch works itself out.

    I'm stopping by all of my favorite blogs in honor of de-lurking week. Ever since I started using Google Reader, I find that I haven't been commenting near as much as I used to. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much you and your blog have meant to me, which is perhaps more than anything else I've encountered on the Internet. Through you, I've been introduced to so many interesting projects, activities, people, and ideas. Thanks so much for being you and for affording us all a peek into your life & mind.

  11. i love your rickety old joint description! put me down for one of those as well!

  12. I love your photo art...so colorful....even the chairs came alive!:>>

  13. Hi---
    Thanks for sharing this Meme! I moved it on in the universe...
    - Lee