19 January 2007

photobooth friday

one year later and I still love photobooths. and yes, I still love me some fridays. I think the two have gotten along quite nicely together. sure, they aren't exactly the hot new couple on campus anymore or anything, but they're still cute together. more in the vein of classic-- a la peanut butter and chocolate.

thanks to all y'all for participating, for showing photobooth friday love. when I first started this gig, I thought I'd be sailing alone. I had absolutely no idea anyone else would be interested. and then you all came along with your fantastic photobooth strips and your lovely words and stories and your fridays. if it were possible, I would rent a photobooth and throw a big slumber party in your honor. we would watch scary movies and eat yummy stuff and jump into the booth whenever we felt like it. also, I would make my brother work the turntables so we could dance until we pass out. he owes me one. and don't think for one minute that I am not the kind of girl that wouldn't put aquafresh toothepaste in your hair and paint the words 'photobooth freak' in bright red lipstick all over your face while you are sleeping BECAUSE I WOULD. and then I'd wake you up and make you get inside the photobooth so we would always remember.

keep on keepin on, photobooth friday revolutionaries. if this joint is still cooking 52 weeks from now, well then we had better get our slumber party on. got to start saving my money now, yo. until then, get thee on over to flickr to join the new photobooth friday group. why it's taken me so long to start one up, I'll never know.

and take a lookie at who showed up today:

brina head
the whole self


  1. I can't believe it's been a year! I'm glad you started the flickr group.

    Happy Friday!! xo

  2. I love your project. I only wish there were more real booths around these parts. I actually found a real, developed-film booth in the gift shop of the Jack Daniel's distillery in Tennessee, of all places. Sadly, I had a huge zit that came out looking like a festering herpetic outbreak in the strip. Also, I was looking at the ceiling like I was expecting a supernatural apparition to descend from heaven the whole time. So not fit for public consumption. But I will keep trying! You're just that inspiring. :)

  3. a whole year! cheers to all the stories and vertical strips of magic, and 52 more weeks of PBF :)

  4. it's been a year?!?! where did that time go?

    have the party and i'll be there.... you bet!

  5. OH! I'll bring the toenail polish :)!

    I'm late with pbf my post but better than never :)


    much love,

  6. hello andrea, I have tagged you!..

  7. bring it on...and even though i've never participated i'd still love to come to the slumber party!

  8. i posted a photobooth friday on my flickr today, but don't know how to add it to the pool!

  9. Dang, I need to jump on the photobooth train! This is so fun, and we have some fancy-schmancy photobooths around here!