03 November 2021

steal this idea

I saw a woman dressed as her grandmother's sewing tin for halloween the other day. I saw it on the internet, of course. oversized spools and thimbles and pin cushions glued to her sweatshirt, the lid of a giant cardboard cookie tin on her arm like a shield. 

and now all I can think about is the old cookie tin my grandma kept in the linen closet, the pink one filled with buttons that sat next to a chorus of old jelly jars. all I can think about is how much I loved that tin, how I'd dump those buttons out on the bed like halloween candy and swirl them around with my tiny hands, over and over.

and now-- now all I can think about is my next halloween party. how I will glue a thousand candy colored buttons to an old sweatshirt and craft a giant cookie tin lid out of cardboard that I will carry around like a giant shield. I will tell my people to come dressed as a favorite childhood memory and they will maybe fight me on it but in the end, they will do it because deep down, they know it is a golden idea.