01 November 2021

nablopomo, of all things

let me slip back into this space with words and pictures and pretend like I have not been absent for months. let me write like no one is reading, I think I would like that. sort of like the days when I first started this thing, also known as the days of yore, the days before instagram and twitter and facebook and quite frankly, an internet that, on most days, feels like a disease. a hundred different ways to fracture time, to parcel out our pieces until we're tired and it's time for bed.

oh november, you get me every time.


  1. i'm reading! i miss those days, honestly, you know, when the kids watched tv instead of each in his own internet realm with earplugs in and people in the street actually looked around instead of down to their screens and i know i sound like an old fart but i really do...

  2. I miss the internet of yore too/I'm here, reading, too!

  3. I also miss those days and am so pleased to see you here <3

  4. Totally hear you on the internet feeling like a disease - there was so much promise in those innocent times.

    For a long time I thought (hoped?) we could reclaim it. I'm just kind of resigned now.

    I'm really happy to see you here <3

  5. I'm reading. I'm happy you're here. It's always lovely to soak up your words in Nov.
    (I too am watching Seinfeld at bedtime, I didn't really watch the first time round, but it's familiar and comforting.)

  6. Hooray! Yay! Yes! Whoooooooooooo!