07 November 2021

dear self


write down the things you want to remember. scribble them down on pieces of paper, scraps of whatever is around, whatever you have. write the moments down, no matter how small they seem. fold them up and put them in an envelope or stuff them in a jar or cigar box or whatever you have. let it be messy. let it not be this precious thing, but this necessary, practical thing you do as often as you brush your teeth. 

revisit whenever you need to but mostly when the world is too much. dump them all out on the floor and read them one by one. the world will still be too much but you will be sitting there in a pile of paper magic.

1 comment:

  1. Can I CC myself on this one? There have been times in my life, memorable special ones, where I remember a persistent assembling of "things to write down so I can remember them" lists in my head, more than what was actually on those lists. Lesson learned by now - hopefully!