07 January 2010

39 things to do before I turn 40


1. own a bright-colored coat.
2. ride the ferris wheel.
3. label the polaroids.
4. make paper hats.
5. ride my bike downtown.
6. introduce ava to the xanadu album.
7. construct an elaborate indoor fort.
8. get lost at the arboretum.
9. transform the found paper collection.
10. make sock puppets with ezra.
11. sample dishes from ten portland food carts.
12. attach a decade worth of charms to one bracelet.
13. create the quintessential prince mix.
14. take twenty dance classes.
15. travel down the 101.
16. unravel the ball of surprises. done
17. make a photo book.
18. throw a backyard party.
19. take the kids to the drive-in.
20. experiment with pinhole photography.
21. make fifty-two lists. (in process)
22. see crater lake. done
23. collaborate with ava.
24. type out a manifesto.
25. drink chocolate.
26. see the city from above.
27. make one hundred paper snowflakes.
28. leave paper snowflakes in unlikely places.
29. rearrange the bedroom furniture. done
30. have dinner at delancey.
31. blow bubbles off the broadway bridge.
32. make garlands.
33. have a show.done
34. bake the super epic rainbow cake. done
35. wear the dress with the pink and red flowers. outside the house.
36. collect paint chips.
37. make fortune cookies.
38. expand the record album collection.
39. begin work on The Big Project.


  1. Yay, I love your lists, and now you're going to make 52 of them! Hope you'll be sharing them too. Btw, is your birthday today? If so, congrats!

  2. such a good list. i especially love your plans for paper snowflakes. happy, happy.

  3. hooray!! oh, andrea, how i love yours lists. you inspired to do one of my own this year. =)


    can hardly wait to see your rainbow cake!

    and making blurb books is so much fun - if a little time consuming and super addictive!

    enjoy delancey! i would love to go back. it was soooo yummy.

  4. whoops. *here* is my list. =)


  5. i'm not the first person to tell you how inspiring your lists are but i'll tell you anyway. they are. :) {long time reader, first time comment}

  6. YAh!! love the list...you so inspire me! xoxo

  7. i'm really surprised that #'s 1 and 2 haven't happened yet. that's an epic list lady, get on it!!

  8. Girl, this list made my heart skip a beat. Xanadu? OMG, I had the biggest girl crush on Olivia back in the day! She was the bomb. Still want to see you soon! Perhaps I can come visit you and make some of these things happen together! (I have a birthday coming up too...oh the possibilities!!) xo

  9. "wear the dress with the pink and red flowers. outside the house."

    I have one of those dresses. Your a brave lady!

  10. #29, woot! My favorite activity besides taking photos.

  11. great list! I want to do so many of the same things! We're actually making crocheted garlands today, some for the walls. And the 101 is so fun!! Do it! Camp in KOA on the beach!

  12. great list! you always come up with the best to-dos. I keep trying to formulate my own but can't think of as many things to get excited about.

  13. I was trying to kill the ... time and I found your blog.
    As the others said: nice list! It inspired me to do one of my own!

  14. delancey is a must.
    in fact, in 2010, i am going to try really hard to ONLY go once a month. :)

  15. Hooray!!!
    I just did a list of my own and posted it, thanks to your inspiration :)
    Blessings to you this year!

  16. I just love your lists, and I generally steal one or two items from your and stick them on my own. This one is no exception. :)

    Thanks, and happy new year to you!

  17. i may very well have to copy you on (at least) #11. sounds like a great idea. and i'm especially interested in trying out nong's khao man gai as this was a favorite when i was in thailand and i've yet to find a restaurant that would dare make such a common dish!

    see you at the carts!

  18. wonderful list. looks like it will be a marvelous year. *

  19. ANDREA! I can totally help you with #30. Just say when.

  20. I. love. this. I'm a huge list person myself...really nice way to reflect and prioritize.

  21. Love it. I found you recently via A Beautiful Mess. I love lists, too, and think your birthday ones are fabulous. What I love the most is that the older you get, the more there is which is in complete contrast to what general culture tells about about aging. The inherent optimism in the numbers is fabulous! I hope you have a great year!!

  22. Love it. I found you recently via A Beautiful Mess. I love lists, too, and think your birthday ones are fabulous. What I love the most is that the older you get, the more there is which is in complete contrast to what general culture tells about about aging. The inherent optimism in the numbers is fabulous! I hope you have a great year!!

  23. number one is my favorite. that' a great goal :)

  24. Xanadu album...love it and I'm sure Ava will too! *L*

    I've made 3 Blurb books..all different and all so much fun!

    Looks like it's gonna be a great year! Happy Birthday!

  25. what detail you have! i'm going to adopt several items on your list!

  26. amongst many things, i'm very excited on your take of 13.

    and the rainbow cake? holy moly!

    looks like your 39th is going to be so awesome!!!!

  27. Your lists are great and this one's no exception! Can't wait to see the epic cake and totally love the idea with the paper snowflakes!

  28. I love your blog... your lists always make me smile :)

  29. hi andrea, love it! lists rock ^^, XOXO


    and, of course, have fun with all the things on your list :-)!

  30. hey sweetie!
    i am going to start on mine. you think mine will be too long? nah... 40 before 41 will be nice, right?
    one love~

  31. thank you for the inspiration! I am working on my list 33 before 34 list.

  32. is it couthe (how does one spell that word?) to steal from another's fabulous list? i think i need to add some of these to my pseudo list in my head :)

  33. I always love reading your lists! Hooray for these goals... I especially love #21 and #25. Thanks for the inspiration!

  34. I need a 29 things before i turn 30 list!! in a few weeks ... bit daunting

  35. Can I just say how much I love reading your posts, in particular your lists? I love lists, too, and I find yours so completely inspiring!

    I made a Blurb book for one of my kids so far (it was kind of a test book to see how well I liked the product) — it is ten kinds of awesome, so I am in the process of making more. I had started out designing them as one book per year of the kid's life (First year, second year, etc), but have since decided I will do them for the first five years (my son is 7, my daughter will be 5 in May — have a new baby, too!). They are really cool books, and the print quality is fantastic.

    Jen @ http://www.honest-planet.com

  36. I've been looking forward to this list! Thank you for sharing. I agree with Margot...I'd like to see the 52 other lists, too!

  37. sock puppets and bubbles. records and photo books. it'll be a good year.

  38. #16. Promise? :-)
    Delancey is a MUST!

  39. You started my list making on my birthday. What I totally did not connect is that we share a birthday! Happy Birthday. Thanks for your inspiration.

  40. was your birthday the day before we met?!

    you are awesome and i'm so glad we finally met!

  41. go out now and buy yourself a colorful coat. i got an bright and i do mean bright orange coat and wore it for years. lucky for me the buttons turned pink yep as in bright pink. i still love that coat.

  42. I'm coming down, and we are riding the tran....done and done!

    urgeo is the word verification word...I like it. We should commence using it in regular speech immediately!

  43. i love 27 and 28! you can send one to me and then it'll make it all the way to Australia! lol :)

  44. I always love your lists.

    When I was young, we made a haunted house in our bedroom one year. We put child-size chairs in rows and put blankets on top to form a maze that you had to crawl through, with various gross things to do in the process. It occurs to me in retrospect that it would have actually made a great fort. :)

  45. Dear AC...you know how much I love you and your lists!
    I hope to compose and achieve part of my 39 things to do before I'm 40...you inspire me!
    Sorry I missed the red velvet cupcakes...I do love the red velvet.

    Karen Byars Roth

  46. I LOVE this list - you've given me tons of ideas and inspiration - I had to bookmark this post!! I'm such a fanatic list maker - in fact i'm blogging this year about being more spontaneous...but i can't help make to-do lists still!! it's nice to see someone else's :)

  47. I've heard awesome things about Delancey from awesome Seattle friends.

  48. LOVE your new list! so many wonderful things to look forward to. can't wait to see your progression through this 39th year of yours. let me know if you need company on any of these excursions...would love to meet you in person one of these days. :)

  49. Number 22. Yes. And when you do, please stop by for lunch. I know a great little place on the way...which also is very near my house.
    Crater Lake is a sight to see, to be sure...especially in summer when the sun is setting in the west and a HUGE thunderstorm is rolling in from the east. You think you might get sandwiched between the two if you stare any longer...but you just can't...peel...away... :)

  50. I just clicked back from your ferris wheel post to check out the list and I love the one about wearing the flowered dress—outside the house. I have a big, red flouncy skirt (netting underneath and everything) that falls in the same category. This holiday season it's coming out of the closet, where it has lived for longer than I care to admit. I've promised myself that I will wear it to a Christmas party.

    If it's possible to love an item of clothing and also fear it, this would be it for me. Glad to know there are others who wear their finery indoors. I'll be rooting for us both!

    PS. Re: Delancey--I'm hardly impartial, because Molly and Brandon are friends, but it's oh so very, very good! (dare I say, better than Ken's?). Hope you make it up soon!

  51. I just made a list of my own and I reference yours in my post. If you'd like to read it, it's at www.sugarsnap-pdx.blogspot.com. Thanks for your wonderful blog! You've been a big inspiration to me!

  52. I was struggling to find my number 40, thanks for the inspiration.

  53. how have you NEVER made a paper hat - i would LOVE to send you one. i was a day camp counselor for years and these were the standards for keeping kids happy. you can send me info at run.rabbit.run (at) hotmail.com because EVERYONE deserves a paper hat.