22 February 2007

thursday love

so every thursday, I'd pull up to the childrens shelter to teach my weekly creative movement class and there that car would sit-- on the outer edges of the parking lot. every single thursday. and then sometimes, I'd see it parked at a dowtown apartment complex or driving around the fourth ward. never did catch a glimpse of the driver, not even once. which just adds a tremendous amount of mystery to the whole thing, you know.

anyway, what I want to say is that I love old cars with things glued to them. art on wheels, I say. I believe in art on wheels.


  1. cars like these, are my most favorite types of urban art.

  2. Reminds me of a guy I used to see when I worked at this coffee house. He had most of his body tattooed and his head shaved smooth. He often wore an 'A' shirt and Dickies shorts in the summer and all of the visible skin was tattooed. He had sleeves and cuffs. Tattoos went up his neck. He drove an old VW bug that was spray painted and looked like it was covered in tattoos with various incredible graffiti work adorning it. I'd see this guy on his way to pick up his girlfriend who worked at the bead shop next door. Funny thing is that she was really quite plain looking...

  3. Andrea, there's a great art car near you in Cleveland, TN. It's probably an old LTD with famous paintings on each panel--Starry Night, The Scream, etc. Wish I could send you a pic!

  4. Hi-
    I love cars like these and wish I had the courage to do something equally bold!
    Speaking of bold - I wish you and your grand little family, nothing but happiness in your upcoming move/adventure!
    - Lee

  5. I've seen the driver of this car and I'm so tempted to describe him to you all, but I think that that would be destroying the mystery. I do have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

  6. holy crap, that's A LOT. we have a car in my hood that has taped on (like silvery electrical tape tape) pictures of marijuana. don't come crying to me when you get pulled over dude.

  7. Art cars are the best. My sister has turned a few Dodge Darts into masterpieces on wheels. I think my favorite was her "Yes, No, Maybe" car. She stenciled the word "yes" on the left side, the word "no" on the right and smack down the middle was "maybe".

    we have a few others floating around town. Waiting for thier chance to drive around the Black Rock Desert for Burning Man.
    aren't they fantastic?

  8. I think that car needs one more toy...