13 February 2007

try, try again

my camera is alive again-- miraculously brought back from the land of dead cameras.

which means that my 365 project is up and running again.

one thing I really enjoy about this experiment: finding that one piece of something in my day worth photographing.

I mean, there's a lot in my day worth seeing. so much worth photographing, but there always seems to be that one thing. and always something I might've overlooked had my eyes not been wide open in this way.

(I'm two weeks into it-- checkit, the set here)


  1. So glad you are back on with this. You have such an amazing eye...

  2. hooray! love your photos!
    those strawberries are a delight to see on this cold Feb. day :)

  3. Hooray! We will once again be spoiled with your images :) - who needs a d50 anyway ;)!

  4. oh wow, the top photo is especially wonderful, gorgeous colours and texture.

  5. Yes! Back in action! I'm so glad, as I'm loving this project.