08 February 2007

ava thursday

I've hijacked ava thursday again. she made these for me recently-- taped them over my workspace with a roll of scotch tape she found somewhere.

and I whole-heartedly agree, I do. I like colors that rhyme. I like bubbles.


  1. she is such a poet.
    I always used to think that certian numbers liked each other and others did not- that is why they added up to other special numbers that I was fond of.
    I wish now, i could remember what those were...
    I like ava thursday

  2. oh, andrea that is too cute! I adore how she spells bubbles too. So great. (I love Ava Thursday. ;) )

  3. So awesome. I hope she never loses that confident Spontaneity and sense of wonder.

  4. i still have my ava drawing up in my office... she's the coolest

  5. I think children's drawing are cool. When my cousin was younger and I would watch him he would doodle and recite a whole story to himself while drawing. My mother said I used to do that too, but I can't remember.

    Reminds me to always take a break or deep breath and enjoy something whimsical and pure. You feel better about the world for a moment!


  6. Those drawerings over your workspace are brilliant inspiration. What is it about scotch tape? I have to hide one roll for presents and the rest is usually found on the windows in the living room, with my girl's art work taped on for all the world to see.

  7. sometimes they hand over a project and it just stops you in your tracks - this looks like one of those.

    your b&w self portrait is gorgeous.