01 February 2007

thursday love

cupcakes are an easy sell. though that doesn't make them any less deserving of my love. I bite into a cupcake and I remember every childhood classroom party like, ever. do you remember? someone's mom always bringing in homemade cupcakes for special occasions (neatly packed in tupperware containers the color of avocados). and then we were all so painfully aware of the EXACT location of that tupperware container. oh, and the torturous scent of vanilla and chocolate permeating the room, the slow tick of the giant clock above the chalkboard. nothing like the promise of a cupcake.

but then there was always that girl who watched as the rest of us inhaled ours (we couldn't eat fast enough, nevermind all the crumbs, nevermind the frosting everywhere). she was the girl who waited until the very last possible minute to eat her cupcake. yes, this was a deliberate move on her part. all we could do was sit and watch her. like fools. big fools with globs of chocolate frosting on our chins. she was the kind of girl who peeled the foil liner away slowly, who looked around the room before she took the first bite. she was also the kind of a girl who saved the frosting for last and WE HATED HER FOR THAT. well, hate is a strong word but that's who we were. school kids throw around the word 'hate' like so much confetti.

I eat my cupcakes slowly these days, though I am nothing like that girl. at least, I hope not. I think she might've gone on to torture kittens and taunt senior citizens. I eat slowly because I have the sense God gave a goose but also-- I just really love cupcakes. as ava would say, I INFINITY love them. which just means that I love them a lot and I love them for forever and ever.

(madness, this is a little bit for you. go forth and bring the magic of your cupcakes into the world, my friend)

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  1. awesome. I might have to make a batch for Super Bowl this weekend... thanks for the inspiration, and as always, your wonderful photos.

  2. hee!
    this exact scene is why i love being a teacher! well...one of the reasons ; )

    the cool part is that i get a cupcake whenever anyone in the school has a birthday! the birthday kids walk around and offer the teachers a cupcake after their classmates have inhaled theirs.

    also. i HAVE that same avocado green cupcake carrier!


  3. Yes, cupcakes on the brain!

    I'm All Cupcake, All the Time, which is driving everyone batty around me . . .then again, maybe not because they now get to eat a lot of cupcakes.

    P.S. I'm going to find some way to send you a vegan red velvet without mushing it.

  4. i feel the
    same way
    i still
    them up
    a little kid.

  5. me too. meeee TOOOO! As you were telling your story I had some strange fear that i was that girl. i cant remember, but i do know as a kid i spent a lot of time saving the frosting for last.....

  6. my favorite cupcakes were the kind with the white frosting and the tiny candy pieces in them. i used to ask my mom to buy me a container of frosting on my birthday. in retrospect that's kind of disguting but god, did i love it.

  7. yummy!

    ...and what a spectaculare photo...

  8. This is a perfect post and I'm still the kid stuffing that cupcake into my mouth because cupcakes rule my universe infinity style.

  9. oh my, i remember my cousin pulling this trick with candy on a long roadtrip. hiding it actually. and i was so fooled and impressed that she could actually wait to eat it! love the memory.

  10. ps did you notice all the cupcake fanatisism (sp?) happening around blogville right now? not only over at Madness' spot but Lisa's Musings too...
    something is up! how is it that all you amazing people keep hooking into the same things and ideas? I mean really?
    crazy I say.

  11. oooooh i wanna take a bite out of that picture!

  12. I smiled and nodded as I read this. You are so entertaining! This post made my day!

  13. Hey cupcake!

    Yummy post! I heart big, bloated, icing-caked cupcakes!

    For some reason, now I can't stop thinking about Tracy Flick's cupcakes in the movie "Election.

    There's also a humiliating cupcake costume scene in "The Comeback", If you haven't already seen it.

  14. i came across your blog from a link on another blog.
    and this post made me smile.
    i teach first grade and birthday celebrations are very welcome by me. i can't pass up some delicious cupcakes.
    thanks for the fun memory. :)

  15. Those cakes are too good to eat! Mine always turn into an overbaked mess. I need to master the art of the cupcake like you obviously have.