06 December 2006

self portrait #39 (red)

on the streets of new york, I saw red. I saw it everywhere I went and wondered if it might be following me. half-eaten apples, doorway graffiti, large metal trash cans, bundles of flowers for sale at every corner deli, paper lanterns, cupcakes with gooey red roses on top. umbrellas opening and closing, bouncing rubber balls on the playground.

it was the photobooth curtain I ducked behind early one morning, the color of a dress I loved, in delicious window displays, in the pattern of a linty shag rug I stood on at a fleamarket in hell's kitchen. below me above me all around me, it was there.

fire engines in a hurry, lips stained with cherry popsicle juice, bottles of ketchup, freshly pinched cheeks, polka dotted tablecloths. the forgotten sock in the middle of the street. it flows through veins, spills unnecessarily, is terribly horribly lovely. angry, passionate and alive, red is for love. red is anywhere and everywhere.

(the december challenge over at self portrait challenge is red and I LOVE IT)


  1. well that just makes me hungry for more red... thank you. such "alive" photos.

  2. Gorgeous today Andrea!
    Can I bargin with you to get a copy of the photo with the vases and the yellow shelves?
    I am in love with (seriously) it and would adore it hanging on one of my walls...
    purdy please?

  3. These photos set me on fire! Love, love, love!

    Gosh...we should've crossed paths, if for nothing else, to gawk at all the instances of RED in this city!

    I just HAD to join in with my own little post about that color too.

    I'm digging the crisp, ripe redness in these shots. That couch with the crazy pattern in the window is driving me over the edge! Where did you see that?

  4. OH! How I love that red dress! You'll go back to New York and buy it for me, won't you? ... and then you'll magically give me the figure to suit it too, I hope ;-)

  5. so true beautiful one, that there is red everywhere. i shot 3 of my self-portraits in one evening for this month while i was in the city (it must be NY after all!) last friday night.....i love that red is everywhere.
    and i know that red curtain/white walled photobooth.....it's the one in Manhattan Mall right? Sadly that booth is really out of commission. The strip I took there on Sunday is all but black and it would have been a great one too ~ sigh.

  6. this post was like eye candy for the soul! yummy! and that red dress rocks!!!!...did you try it on????

  7. aw red! and that sofa!!!! (falling over as lisa says)...

  8. I don't think I have ever seen your work before, and I wanted to say how much I liked it. I look forward to seeing more next week.

  9. Ah hell yes, Andrea.
    These are gorgeous.

  10. oh, to see the world through your eyes... what a treat. these pics are fabulous!