04 May 2005


one of the more poetic things I have done in my life was to walk across the brooklyn bridge at dusk. in my 34 years of living, I have found that these instances are few and far between and that when they present themselves to you... well, you gladly partake. and the best ones are little surprises, most always born out of unusual circumstances. no grand story here, just a stroll across an old bridge with people I love.


  1. i know what you mean. these experiences come rarely but when they present themselves, it's so memorable. an interesting post and thought back. i've never been to nyc - but that must've been a cool (for lack of a better word) walk.

  2. nyc still fascinates me, but I now know why you, Ward, Nate and Kendra like it so much. The place is so fascinating! You are a romantisist!

  3. you are ridiculously poetic in general! Take those little gems that life gives you.

  4. Poetic moments for me include:

    Going up in that glass elevator to ask your hand in marriage. We were in our own little world at that moment in time.

    Witnessing the births of both my babies.

    Watching Ava dance on the stage right after your performance at the Beam.

    Waking up in Tuscany, with the sun barely peaking out from beyond the lush, rolling horizon.

  5. oh NYC how i want to go there....i have driven through and seen the skyline but i have still never been. i love poetic moments! savor them!

  6. ward- thanks for sharing your moments here. even though we talk about them all the time (dream about them all the time), I never get tired of being reminded of them... never. I wish I would have formally invited anyone/everyone to share their own instances here because the only thing more fun than remembering my own is hearing about others...

    meredith- I think it's safe to say that you will love nyc. when you go, please contact me so that I can share my favorites (secret haunts) with you!