03 May 2005

knowledge is power

the other day, we were sitting on the couch and I was talking (sarcastically) to the television. can't remember who (or what) was the cause of my agitated state. ava looked up from the book she was reading with a serious look on her face.

"mommy, they can't hear you. they're not real."

pause. I'm looking at her, she's looking at me.

"mommy, it's just the tv. they're not REAL."

and don't you know I switched that television off, walked into the kitchen and had a little laugh.


  1. Oh, the wisdom of youth - especially little children! We can really learn a lot from them, if we would only be still a moment and listen. I wish more people would realize the truth Ava stated - they aren't real. You are so tuned into these little ones. Thanks for being such a good mommy.

  2. it's funny how things like that happen. the other day i was running around like i always do when we're trying to head out somewhere and couldn't find any socks to wear and i told noah that mommy needed a mommy and he said "you don't need a mommy, mommy - you need a sock...

  3. When Ava was about 2 1/2 or so, I was watching 101 Dalmations with her. (I'm an animator, so it comes with the territory.) As the main dogs were talking at one point, I said something to the effect, "Hey, lookit that! They're talking! Those dogs are talking! Isn't that silly?" To which Ava replied, "Daddy, dogs don't talk!"

    I realized right then and there that she got it. She understood that those dogs were not real and that this was just fantasy.

  4. Wow. I love that girl. I can totally hear and see her saying that, with her pensive little facial expressions. Duh. Of course they aren't real. Love that girl!

  5. What a sweetheart and such a blessing from God! She is growing up so fast! Can't wait to see her!

  6. So, here it goes, first time commenting on someone else's blog...does that mean I'm no longer a blurker? Any how...I accidently "ran" across Ward-o-matic when I first started my blog and was immediately attracted...especially when Ava Thursday started...my husband and I check in every week, waiting to see what has been posted...but I digress.

    Part of the attraction to the Ward-o-matic was that I too have a youngun', a 3 and 1/2 year old daughter that is wise (and sarcastically funny) beyond her years. (Well, ok, that's my biased opinion.) When Ward announced on his blog that you had started your own ...it immediately became a book mark. While I feel somewhat weird "watching" the life of a family in Atlanta (from Iowa), I so much have appreciated the simple daily joys of motherhood that you share. On top of that are the wonderful posts about you...I mean as mothers, we LOVE our children endlessly...but we still have our own passions and interests outside of mothering and oh the value of the chance to share those, regardless of who's listening.

    So, while I imagine that your family and mine will never meet, I love that a simple thing like a blog has made the world between Atlanta, GA and Grinnell, IA seem so small. And I thank you for sharing your thoughts....I'll keep reading.

  7. jan- that is so hilarious. noah sounds like such a cutie. again, wish we lived close enough so that we could meet and get the kids together.

    j.mavin- I want to thank you for your response. really, it made my day. and it's funny-- when I first started out with this blog, I didn't really care too much about comments and wasn't even sure if I wanted anyone else to read what I was writing. but now I think that the responses are the sometimes the best part (especially comments like yours) and I find myself looking forward to them. I really appreciated your words... I love my children to the moon and back and they are very obviously a huge part of who I am but... I am also an individual (what mother isn't?)... so thanks for enjoying that aspect of this blog. and I feel the same way in that the internet is this incredibly odd place where you can peek into the lives of all kinds of people (and families) from all over the world... and you can connect by responding, if you like-- whenever, wherever, however. it's weird when you stop and really think about it, but sort of strangely wonderful, too. I'm honored to be a bookmark and so glad that you found your way here. again, thanks so much for your kind words.