11 May 2005

birthday boy

today is my brother nate's birthday. I am hoping to perch a silly hat on his head, obnoxiously sing the birthday song to him and dig into some serious birthday cake (lard plus sugar= the best icing EVER). also, I plan on making many more 'thirtysomething' jokes because he has not yet truly embraced the fact that he is now a MAN IN HIS THIRTIES (face the truth, brother- the truth will set you free). actually, there are so many reasons to celebrate this 11th day of may: little ezra turns 11 months old (just one month away from the big first birthday!) and nate and kendra are also celebrating their wedding anniversary. and since we're on the subject of celebrations, deepspace 5 (the hip hop collective that my bro is a big part of) just released their newest collaborative effort, 'unique, just like everyone else' (if you're a hip hop head, you'll want to click here lickety-split).

feel free to celebrate today, people. eat some cake, wear a party hat, toot a little horn and blame it on me.

happy birthday, little brother. in my world, you rock the proverbial casbah.


  1. Whooo HOOO! Hap............py birthday, you old 30-ish-something, you! Keep rockin' those steel wheels, my good man. You're the best!

  2. Birthday greetings from Texas!
    You never have to tell me to tell me twice to celebrate a birthday... especially when there is cake involved...

  3. Happy Birthday love of my life! I look forward to another 32 with you!

  4. Happy Birthday love of my life! I look forward to another 32 with you!

  5. birthday greetings from vancouver! cool website - look forward to hearing some tunes!

  6. Mom thought that was a picture of Ava! Oh, such sweet memories!!! WE are so blessed to have had Nate for 32 wonderful years and looking forward to many more. You could not have said it any better about one fine brother and I know you have been such a great sis for him....remember the days...Air? Air? (he used to call you that cause he couldn't say Andrea.) You have always had a special bond with him and thank you, Lord, for this!

  7. what a precious pic! Happy birthday Nate/Dust :) O shares the bday so we did the bday hat and cake !
    And that makes Ezra one month younger than Owen exactly! :) Very cool.

  8. do I not look like the BOSSIEST SISTER EVER in this photo? poor little nate.

    yay, birthday greetings all up in this joint! texas (jared, thanks for the comment!) and vancouver (jan, samples of tunes to come soon)...!

    joy- I want to see some of these pics from way back! post some on scrapalicious!

    dad- I remember that sweet little nate following me around calling me 'air'. it is one of the sweetest memories I have of my baby bro. wonder if ezra will be at all like that with ava? can't wait to see...

    elizabeth- yes, it's kinda cool that dust and owen share a birthday (happy b-day, owen!)... and that ezra and owen are exactly one month apart... judging from the photos of owen with his birthday cake and ezra's recent messes, I'm thinking our boys could do some serious damage together...

  9. Happy Birthday Nate! Is that a Cardinals hat you're wearing? And WOW, doesn't it seem that Ava is in that picture. I guess we know what a beauty she'll grow up to be.