12 May 2005


I'm quite happy to report that I spent last night at the movies with my brother (birthday groove was ON). this is kind of a big deal since I LOVE (and I am not using the word 'love' lightly, here) movies and rarely get to go. when ward and I first started out (so very young, married and poor), he worked as a projectionist at the monster-plex we have all come to know and love as AMC theatres. we saw so many movies. SO MANY MOVIES. movies, movies, movies until you just wanted to lay down on the floor and cry. but they were free. we had no money, no children and so this is what we did. we ate cheap (slices of pizza at fellini's), hung out at the book store (even cheaper) and went to the movies. we saw everything. by the end of my twenties, I had seen enough cinematic crap to determine what I liked, what I didn't like. as a result, I am fairly picky now (aka: film snob) in what I choose to go see. what I saw last night brought me great feelings of joy-- it was worth the small loan I had to take out to buy my ticket and concession goodies, worth some minor movie-going irritations and so worth enduring the hoops I had to jump through just to get myself a seat in that dark and comforting little theatre.

if I may (just for a moment) address some annoyances: first of all, the coke we bought was (seriously) the size of a third world country. usually, we sneak in our own refreshments but it was nate's birthday and so I wanted to treat him to some over-priced movie concession delights (nothing says your sister loves you like a thirteen dollar coke). okay, look-- I know the jokes have been made a thousand times over about how enormous america's food portions have become, but the size of the drink we purchased really was beyond reason (all joking aside). and since ward always has to have the largest-sized coke wherever we go, I'm no stranger to unnaturally sized beverages. however, I have never (NEVER) seen anything like this, in all my movie-going, coke-chugging days, NEVER. it was like a giant corn silo filled with cold, fizzy liquid. people, I could not even hold it in ONE HAND. that's just not right. we drank and drank (and drank) from it, but were unable to make even the smallest dent in it. I was so taken with the size of this cup that I brought it home to show ward-- like it was some sort of strange artifact from a foreign land. "LOOK AT THIS!", I cried. "will you please just look at the SIZE OF THIS THING?!" (and I went on and on like that for quite awhile). then there was our unfortunate choice of candy. on a whim, birthday boy chose tart'n'tinies. yeah, the magically delicious quality of those sour powdery/sugary pellets wore off about thirty seconds into the movie. nate swore he could feel the canker sores forming in his mouth as he bit into each piece. they were promptly re-named 'canker bits' (and next time you hit up concessions, just ask for 'canker bits' and I bet they'll hand you a box of tart'n'tinies without missing a beat). and the seats! I'm not usually bothered by situations like this as I can almost always make myself comfortable wherever I am, but these seats... they were constructed in such a way that forced you to sit in a very upright position with the head rest tilted slightly forward, preventing any sort of reclining or relaxing. it should be said that these were brand (spankin) new theatre seats, no doubt meant to upgrade the old art house theatre. but instead of soothingly inviting you to relax and enjoy the movie while sitting in them, they seemed to scream, "SIT UP STRAIGHT! THIS IS SERIOUS! WE'RE NOT FOOLING AROUND HERE! THIS ISN'T SOME MEDIOCRE HOLLYWOOD CRAPFEST, SISTER! THIS IS AN ART FILM! PAY ATTENTION! LOOK ALIVE!".

ah, but I digress.

I would gladly endure these annoyances over and over again to see the film we saw last night. 'millions' is the name of this cinematic little gem (props to nate for his discovery). didn't know much about it going in, save for the fact it was directed by danny boyle (best known for trainspotting, 28 days later). if you have seen any of his flicks, then you might understand why I was also just a little uneasy going in (boyle is amazing with visuals, but blunt and brutal with storytelling). this is a brilliant and beautiful film, saturated with color (pure joy to look at) and rich in content (in love with this story). I loved how fresh and modern it was, completely unpretentious. soft, without being so, well... soft (it makes no sense, I know). curious? check out the trailer here. I am saddened by the fact that this wonderful little movie will probably slip through the cracks, so go see it. there's just so much crap out there and aren't you tired of sitting through all of it? if 'millions' is playing anywhere near you, go see it. I can almost guarantee you will like (love) it.


  1. And I would have to agree with you, Andrea -- i've never seen a large coke as big as that one. It looked like a gag present for me when you brought it home! It's got to be about a liter, probably. On the verge of 2 liters, no lie.

    And I'm very curious about MILLIONS, now.

  2. Okay girl, you got me hooked. I'll see Millions. Sounds intriguing and lovely. Thanks! Want to go see Crash with me this weekend?

  3. Millions sounds great! You hit the nail on the head about the movies and painted a very vivid picture of the movies! Have had some funny incidents while attending the movies... and seen some classics with my kids; Shawshank - Crash - Raiders of the Lost Ark - School of Rock - Hoosiers just to mention a few! Son-in-law Ward used to get us in free also with passes! What a guy!

  4. that was hilarious1 i actually laughed out loud reading you bringing home that artifact of a silo of coke. movie sounds interesting - if i can get out to see one, i will look for it here.

  5. ooooooooooooooooooooh, I'll DEFINATELY be checking it out! I don't know if you know it, but I'm a filmophile myself, but I'm not picky:) I love movies, I love movie theatres, and I LOVE huge vats of Diet Coke!!!! (I choose theatres based on whether or not they serve Dt. Coke) I love beautifully colored movies too. Some favoritely colored movies are: somethings gotta give (very white and neutral and yummy) Oceans 12 (very lomo-y and saturated) and Monsoon Wedding (just GORGEOUS, with super beautiful colors of India!) If you haven't see Monsoon Wedding I highly recommend it!

    a post from September about movies on my blog:


  6. I'm still fascinated with the size of that coke and just so everyone knows, it is as big as 2-LITER of coke. I think I could probably empty the whole 2-liter into that cup, too... okay, I'll stop now.

    ward, I promise that you will get to see the movie this weekend (wish we could see it together!)... can't wait to talk all about it with you.

    amy, I have heard amazing things about 'crash' and would love to see it with you (if I can get away this weekend)... hey, and maybe we could see millions, too?

    gym, can't wait for you and mom to see this movie- I really think you'll like (love) it. don't you miss all those free movie passes? I do.

    jan, it really was like a silo! it was that big!

    joy, I so enjoyed your post on movies (think maybe I read it back when you originally posted it- back when I was blurking around your blog!)... seconds on 'monsoon wedding'! yes, that is a gorgeous, gorgeous movie. I'll have to hit that up again.

  7. Andrea, thank you for entertaining my husband while I was wollering (sp?) in self pity of pregnancy at home. He loved the film too, and I cant wait to see it. Maybe Ward and I will make it a date again and hit the theatre together? That's always a funny and awkward event but at least we get to go!

  8. ill, (can't help but laugh as I'm wondering if this new name has anything to do with your current state of pregnancy...?)... yes! you and ward should check it out this weekend. I'm totally down with that. I think that you will really like it...

  9. Small, Medium, Large, X Large, and Silo? You are hysterical. Just when you think they can't get any bigger... Joyce took the teen leadership group to see Millions and hasn't stopped talking about it. I hope to see it soon. And Ward, thanks for scoring me a few free movie tickets back then. I love talking movies with you guys.

  10. Ok, i was sitting here reading about that VAT of coke and YOU JUST CRACK ME UP. The best thing about reading your blog is that i can hear your laugh and voice in my head and see your funny expressions and it makes me laugh even louder and harder and remember all the crazy things that we used to get our selves into....oh how i miss seeing you and Ward (and now the kids...) I really miss all the -making my cheeks hurt-stop i can't see anything cuz my eyes disappear-oh my gosh i'm gonna pee myself-fall over- laughing. We have had some good laughing.
    So i think that you should write articles for magazines and/or a paper cuz i COMPLETELY enjoy reading your rambles and it is so so much better than a lot of well, anything out there. love ya girl

  11. It looks fantastic. Thanks for the pointer.

  12. nancila- oh, how I wish we lived in the same city. there's nothing like going to the movies with your best friend... go see this and call me so we can talk about it!

    heather- I am sitting here laughing because I am remembering going to the movies with you back in the day (forest fair dollar theatre, remember?... UGHH) and I am remembering how we used to sneak in cookie dough and cans of whipped cream! why? because we could. do you remember this at all? can't believe we did that..! thank you, thank you, thank you for such kind words and you know it makes me so happy that you are enjoying my random musings, that you are laughing. we surely did do a lot of laughing together...!

    lora- thanks so much for visiting!

  13. I've finally seen the film and I must say it was simply wonderful. Definitely one of the year's best so far. Unpretentious is a great way in describing this film as there's no Hollywood-izing, or candy-coating in its storyline. And it's fascinating in seeing how people react differently in regards to money. Very cool flick.

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