15 September 2015

I want

to write stories for a thousand found polaroids.

to watch him on infinite loop.

to climb inside nostalgia and live for a little while.

to mend all the holes in all the blue jeans everywhere, sashiko style.

to convince lisa the chroma installation should stay up on walls forever and ever.

to read this and then read it again and then probably read it again.

to write anonymous love letters to my city.

to get lost in an afropunk crowd.

to see 100,000 giant white balloons with my own two eyes.

to look like this when I'm eighty.

to still be here, even when I've been painted over.


  1. Your lists always provide such a heavy dose of inspiration. Thanks for being the light. <3

  2. Love this....miss you....hug those two angels of yours!

  3. I will teach you my Sashiko Mending technique any time! Your house or mine. xoxo