17 September 2015

atlanta + amsterdam

the internet is a ridiculous place. a ridiculous, crazy place. but for every ridiculous, crazy internet thing, there are at least a dozen spectacular, wonderful internet things. in an instant, we are connected in impossible, miraculous ways, find commonality in similarities and differences, in the ways our stories intersect through the sharing of the work we make and the photographs we take. never has there been a better time for collaborations between artists, never in the history of the world.

in the spirit of this, I give you atlanta + amsterdam. over the next twelve weeks, I'll be collaborating with joyce (from on a hazy morning) to bring you looks at two different cities through the lenses of two polaroid SX-70 cameras. every thursday, we'll be here (and there) with different polaroids, side by side-- bits from atlanta, bits from amsterdam.  a little world travel every thursday, if you will, without having to move even one inch.

meet you back here in a week, folks. until then, the streets of atlanta and amsterdam are waiting.

1 comment:

  1. Love these collaborations you do. They introduce me to new, wonderful talents, and I get to see more of your work (fan girl here = ))