11 November 2014

this is my new favorite thing

new favorite thing

maybe you're tired of hearing about and/or seeing engineer prints, I don't know. they're all over the internet, have been for years. but that doesn't really change how I feel about the one I recently (finally) had made of a favorite photograph of my mom. when I unrolled the finished product, I wanted to cry. my mom in amsterdam in the early sixties, fresh out of college. those penny loafers, that camera case. the flip of her hair, the look on her face. the details on the sleeve of her dress, the details in the background, bits and pieces of a nineteen-sixty-something amsterdam. and my mom.

my mom.

like I said, new favorite thing. favorite of all my favorite things. and I'll tell you, that's saying a lot.


  1. The sightseeing boats are still looking like that! It's a gorgeous picture

  2. it's beautiful. love the hands, elbows, skirt all around, too.