30 November 2012

big fat sack of yes

my brand new very occasional part-time gig: filling in for lovely erin over at lodekka (the 1965 double decker bus turned vintage dress shop). I'll tell you, I really sort of love it. and so does my camera.


  1. these are lovely. wish I could stop by and visit! sadly, minnesota is a bit of a ways away.

    ps. i'm interested in purchasing a film camera (and I love the look of these images). being a photographer myself, I know the that it's the person behind the camera not the camera itself, but what (good) film camera would you recommend for a beginner? :)

  2. I love this! Next time I make a road trip up to Portland I'll have to stop by. What a magical place!

  3. dream job! and so perfect for you.

  4. that is so cool I can't believe it. My husband just applied for a job in Portland... maybe we'll be shop there :)

  5. I love Lodekka, how exciting! And I’ve loved your blog since before I even moved to Portland. The bus is directly across the street from my office, JVC Northwest. If it’s ok, I may stop over to say hello sometime!