21 November 2010

the workshop


it's been about a month since the workshop but I'm still feeling all shiny and happy about it.

awesome ttv peoples

because I could not have asked for a more awesome group of workshop participants. really, I could not.

ferney art studios

and I could not have asked for a more perfect studio space. seriously, jordan-- thank you. more perfection: valencia street. I am a big fan of valencia street.


then there were sibby's cupcakes-- cupcakes for the ttv peoples to eat! well, and photograph. though not necessarily in that order.

on the not so shiny happy end of things, there was rain. and not just gentle misty rain but blustery miserable rain, the kind of rain that makes you want to burn your umbrella and stay inside forever. this did not bode well for the photo walk but that's another story. like I said, I'm shiny and I'm happy and also, I am brimming with gratitude. indeed, my cup runneth over:

thank you, victoria-- for hosting and for so much more. you should know that if I could lead a parade in your honor, I totally would.

thank you, jordan-- for letting us use your space. above and beyond generous. also, most fantastic studio ever. still dreaming about those bright yellow doors.

thank you, sibby's cupcakery-- for keeping us in cupcakes. the sweetest, the tastiest and it must be said: the cutest.

thank you, leslie-- for bringing a basket full of colorful props. you are a girl after my own prop-loving heart. but then, you already knew that.

thank you, workshop peoples-- thank you for showing up. thank you for tackling the contraptions and the ttv technique with so much enthusiasm, for experimenting all over the place and for totally rolling with the rain. thank you for being so completely awesome.


  1. sounds like a fabulous time even despite the miserable weather. love ttv photography and cupcakes always make the day sweeter. :)

  2. They were all awesome - I wish I'd had time to chat more with some of them. And I'm wondering if the girl in the second picture might want to give me her knitted hat because it is so RAD.

    Oh, and you? Totally awesome too.

  3. The workshop that inspired Kim, that inspired a Mortal Muse post, that inspired me, that inspired...

    Thank you for sharing your unique vision and inspiring us all!

    xo Tam