22 November 2010

that rain

what's not to love

valencia street


at the laundromat

so like I said, on the day of the workshop, there was rain-- cold, blustery, miserable rain. but my workshop people, they would not be stopped by this. cameras were wrapped in plastic grocery bags, hats and coats were thrown on. and there was an umbrella, I think. maybe two. I don't know, I'm from portland so I never carry an umbrella. anyway, for about an hour, we shot in the rain-- ducked in and out of shops and alcoves, zigzagged through traffic across valencia street. people scattered this way and that. so okay, it was still pretty miserable. but also, it was fun. SO MUCH FUN.

again, ttv workshop peoples-- I thank you.


  1. I'm glad everyone was able to make the best of it! :)

  2. hey, that's me!!
    love these hula :)

  3. i love how these came out. kind of surreal x

  4. Hello Andrea,
    Long time admirer of your blog and your creativity.
    wondering when you will conduct another TTV workshop and if so when and how can I find out about it before it is too late to register?

  5. Andrea,
    love you work...i mean love love
    want to take your ttv workshop...when and how can i get to you?

  6. thanks, all! xo

    hey charlene-- no definite dates lined up for 2011 ttv workshops yet but I'm working on it! where are you from? please email me at hula70 [at] comcast [dot] net and we can talk ttv workshops! (or if you check my profile page, there's a way to email from there as well). thanks so much for the kind words and for the interest!