01 November 2010

list twenty-nine: halloween costumes I have worn

here's what I remember:

1. gypsy, age six (vague but extremely pleasant recollection of large gold clip-on hoop earrings)

2. wonder woman, age seven (boxed costume from the drug store complete with classic plastic mask)

2. chorus line girl, age eight (only girl in the elementary school halloween parade wearing black patent stillettos)

3. ballet dancer, age thirteen (thinly veiled excuse to wear pointe shoes out in public)

4. belly dancer, age seventeen (first rented costume and I'll not lie-- it was spectacular)

5. hippy flower child, age eighteen (a costume built around the most awesome thrifted red and white striped bell bottoms)

6. cat in the hat, age twenty-one (with ward as a very literal interpretation of green eggs and ham)

7. crazy mary, age twenty-three (one wrinkled vintage dress plus one cheap ratty blonde wig worn a tad askew plus bright red lipstick smeared around the mouth and you've got yourself one crazy mary)

7. fifi the french girl, age twenty-six (my apologies to the french for the stereotype)

8. sunflower, age twenty-eight (face paint, so much face paint)

9. really lame butterfly creature, age thirty-four (omg, so lame)

10. pink floyd, age thirty-seven (pink wig plus pink clothes plus a name tag that read 'hello, my name is floyd')

11. boom boom corrona, roller derby queen, age thirty-eight (I do not recommend wearing official roller derby skates to a party-- or any roller skates to any party, for that matter)

12. cotton candy, age thirty-nine (fifteen yards of pink tulle netting, one pink wig, one large paper cone hat and voila: itchiest costume ever)


  1. oh god- cotton candy! that's the best damn idea i've heard of in a long time. and you look sweeeeet. (might have to steal that one for fastnacht/carnival here in winter. depending on my mood there could be a sign somewhere that says EAT ME .... or not).

  2. love this!! you look fabulous. and that's a great list, as well. :) xo

  3. ok, i'm totally gonna have to borrow the pink floyd idea one year and then, of course cotton candy the next year - repurposing the pink wig - brilliant girlfriend of mine :)

  4. so great. i think i will have to borrow this list.

    i especially love the pink floyd one. that's so funny!

  5. LOVE your lists...my fave being Cotton Candy!

  6. omg omg omg!!! so freaking adorabs!

    too bad it was soo itchy!

  7. Oh my goodness, you are adorable!

  8. Aww!!! I LOVE it. I'm a total sucker for fun wigs and tulle. SUPER cute!

  9. OMG - you totally ROCK, I mean seriously ROCk. You are my hero my friend. xoxo

  10. PINK FLOYD?!! That might be the best costume ever!

  11. okay. i totally made a list, too. not quite as cool as yours, but it was still fun.


  12. LOVELY pic and a second third fourth fifth that a pink Floyd is genius!

  13. Your pink Floyd costume made me laugh out loud! I was a gypsy for years! Loved wearing all of my mothers costume jewelry. :)


  14. Boom Boom Corona has to be my favorite. i bet you'd make one kick-ass derby girl. did you wear the pink wig for that one too?

  15. You look so great! What a fantastic idea, you brilliant lady you. xo

  16. Well, it may be itchy, but I bet having that much tulle on your person fulfills some sort of wish (or maybe it's mine!)
    I was Casper the ghost for six straight years, plastic mask included.

  17. Wow! You're so creative!

    I love the cotton candy idea! Delightful!

  18. Love all your ideas! Especially the cotton candy!
    And your picture is fabulous!

    But what happened between 27 and 34?!

  19. oh soooo awesome! i wish we would get invited to costume parties where people actually dressed in costume! i was the cat in the hat too and my sidekicks were thing 2 and thing 1

  20. I know I'm a bit late but what a 'fresh' Halloween post. Dig your blog and photos.

  21. oh my god, it may have been itchy but that cotton candy costume is BRILLIANT!! My sister and I were reminiscing this Halloween about all our great costumes as kids. What a fun list.