04 November 2009

day three

way back in august, I found myself in manzanita. right smack dab in the middle of another lovebomb.

and because I was caught up in what can only be classified as The Craziest Summer Ever, I never really got the chance to share. after three weeks on the road, I found myself on another video shoot with my brother in oklahoma. two days after I returned home from tulsa, I left for manzanita. one day home from the lovebomb retreat, my pal leslie hit the scene. and then it was the first day of school for ava. and then the first day of kindergarten for ezra. and then it was our 15th wedding anniversary. and then it was squam. and then new york city. and and and. see how nutty it was? nutty, I tell you. I haven't stopped since july. until now.

it feels good to slow down and tell the stories. and these three polaroids, they tell the story. for me, this is what the retreat was. these polaroids, they say more than I ever could.

('roid week continues)


  1. your pal Les. insinuating herself right smack in the middle. and you? even though it was madness all around, welcomed me with open arms.

    you ARE love, A.
    you really,

  2. Crazy summers rule! I'm in the middle of crazy house build year... not as fun as your summer but dramatic none the less! By the way I love your posts they make me smile when builders get me down. Keep them coming ;)

  3. glad you have some time to slow down, especially because it means sharing these photos of your adventures. love them.

  4. whew! you really did have quite the summer, didn't you?

  5. These pics are cool and you have an excellent blog here.

  6. I thought I recognized those hands. And those flowers. And that photographer!