21 April 2009

yay! (part one)

a few things you will find on the pages of the absolutely fantastic premiere issue of uppercase, a magazine for the creative and curious:

a cherry red typewriter

a treehouse extravaganza

a brilliant use for a balloon

candy-like vintage typewriter ribbon tins

reinterpreted book covers

whirlers and twirlers plus the ten commandments of square dancing

rad poster designs

beauty in the unfinished

a spectacular polka dot umbrella

the healing properties of cupcake decorating

the humble nature of the paper towel

peewee herman versus shakespeare

tear-out art involving colorful spherical balloons and bubble ink drawings

the most lovable monsier character ever

a piece on record players written (and photographed) by yours truly

I'm telling you right now that I am gaga over uppercase. even if I wasn't a contributor, I'd still be gushing like a school girl and that is no lie. get your copy here, peeps. you'll not be sorry, I promise you that.

p.s. processes (like hangers) can be pretty.


  1. Wouldn't you believe, we were standing right in their gallery last July :)

    I might just have to order that magazine. Magazines featuring you are always guaranteed to be awesome.

  2. How exciting!!!! I am ordering right now. A big uppercase CONGRATS. I can't wait!

  3. that's awesome! congratulations!

  4. this looks amazing! congrats!

  5. too funny--- I JUST ordered a subscription last week-- I had no idea you were in it and now I doubly excited to get my first copy!!! it looks utterly delicious!

    Bisous, Elizabeth

  6. can't wait to get my copy
    BONUS that you are in it
    justine x

  7. Thanks for this post.. Will have to check it out...

  8. congrats! this is awesome and I can't wait to receive my issue!!

  9. Totally going to check this out. Looks amazing! Love anything re: reinterpreted book covers. As a librarian, I'd like to collaborate and do an art show in the library on this. Neat.

  10. I checked it out and it looks awesome, but I have a question about the magazine. I've picked up a few lately and (this might come out sounding really bad...) I feel like I'm having 'green' stuff shoved in my face. Don't get me wrong, I recycle and do what I can, I just don't want to waste my money having someone tell me I'm not doing enough. So, the question: is this a tree-hugger publication (for lack of a better word at the moment)? Sorry if that all sounds horrid. I really am trying to be a good member of society :)

  11. I love that you take me places I'd never get to on my own!!!

  12. Congrats...
    i will have to check that magazine out!!

  13. Awesome Andrea!! I love it. The zine looks fascinating and gorgeous - just like you.

  14. Cute - any idea if this is available in Portland, maybe at Powells or Reading Frenzy?

  15. hey thanks, everybody! at the risk of overselling it (and sounding like a broken record), if you're waiting to receive an issue, you're really in for a treat. I mean it. and the more we can support publications like this, the better. so yay you if you've been able to purchase one!

    matt, I bet their gallery is no joke. I bet it's awesome. also, you are too kind. :)

    cheryl, harry potter covers reinterpreted! plus others! I think you'd really dig it. and I love your idea for a show like this. brilliant.

    mandi, I get where you're coming from. but this magazine is more about art, design, music, film, performance, etc... (and so much more). can't imagine you would be disappointed especially in regards to your concern.

    eden from sweden, there are a couple of places you can buy them on location but nowhere here (yet) in portland. you can purchase them from the portland-based buy olympia but they're online only. hopefully, availability at powell's and reading frenzy is in the not-too-distant future. because how great would that be? very.

    thanks again for the love, everyone! xo

  16. oh! it looks gorgeous. i had to order myself a copy!
    can't wait to squeeze you on the 29th. xo

  17. mmh, I saw this around, but didn't get a chance to sneak a peek inside its pages.. tempting!

  18. I love your blog and Uppercase looks like a fabulous addition to the magazine world. Thank goodness!
    Kathryn Price

  19. Congratulations on your article! I'll have to check out the magazine--I've admired your blog for some time. Keep up the beautiful work!


  20. That's so exciting, Andrea! I'm definitely going to order a copy once I'm in our new pad. Looks like it's brimming with creative energy.

  21. This looks like my kind of magazine. I think I'll go and order my copy right now. I can hardly wait to have it in my hands.

  22. i love that! gettin' me some pronto.

    and also i love typewriter tins:

  23. Thanks for this lovely post, Andrea.

  24. I have a sneaking suspicion that this little magazine is going to become a big time addiction.

    I'm so glad that you posted this and I can hardly wait for my copy to arrive. (I'd like to get a better look at that record player! …and the balloons… oh, and the ribbon tins.)

  25. Congrats on contributing! I was just thinking a week or two ago about subscribing; I think I will go and do that right now!

  26. may I be cheeky and say that if readers love uppercase, they might just like a new publication called 'Spoonful' too...