07 December 2007

photobooth friday

photobooth friday

I am remembering how much I loved to wear pink and grey together, how much I loved strawberry-flavored lip gloss and esprit muscle tees. well, and cassette tapes. and the go-go's. also, I thought my cousin kristy was the coolest girl ever. she taught me things like how to get all the conditioner out of your hair. you rinse until the strands run squeaky between your fingers. I never knew that, not at age twelve. and to think of the time I spent walking around with limp hair. which is no good because, as you know, hair is very important. I'd been walking around with a head of hair coated with the remains of alberta V05 creme rinse until cousin kristy schooled me in the ways of proper hair conditioner removal. I swear, the source of all my most treasured beauty secrets can be traced back to cousin kristy-- afternoons spent eyeshadow-blending and hair-curling and leg-shaving and accessory-mixing. kristy, I am still putting good use to the knowledge you so generously (and patiently) imparted years and years ago. by the way, 1982 was not 25 years ago. I am choosing not to believe that it was 25 whole years ago because the very thought makes me feel as ancient as the abacus and I always said I wouldn't be one of those women who sits around and talks about how ancient they feel. but here I am, sitting around talking about how ancient I feel.

then ava participated in spirit week at school about a month or so ago. you know, crazy hair day, hat and sunglasses day, decades day, that sort of thing. eighties, I cried! we've got to go eighties for decade day, ava! and she questioned this until she saw the contents of my big junior high box: capezio leg warmers, thick stacks of 45's, rainbow stickers, heart-shaped sunglasses, assorted pins, fingerless black lace gloves. we tore into that box and I was wild with delight. and I was twelve all over again.

I am somewhere between 12 and 37. never have I felt so conflicted about an impending birthday, never have I wanted to halt time like I do now. I find myself questioning almost everything. I am feeling awkward and insecure when I should be feeling something more akin to radiance. I am wishing for the ridiculous and I know it. all the same, I am wishing.

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  1. age is just a state of mind. i can't possibly be 34. that's just some imaginary number. i love all this. i love it now and i loved it in 1985.

  2. almost a "cougar." veronica webb slapped me across the face a few days ago when she said "you're 40 years old. a cougar doesnt need to be showing off her belly." a cougar? it hit me hard! just 5 short years away from being a cougar???

    oh the 80's. i know God meant for you to be alive during that time because he knew how your heart would dive right into all that fashion. i wish i'd kept a box like you did!

  3. That was a ridiculously adorable entry. We all have those moments. But, remember being 12 and wanting to be in your 20's and 30's? ;)

  4. Is today your birthday (12/11)? Mine is tomorrow. I'm 10 whole years older than you, but I don't feel my age. I was recently asked how old I feel and without missing a beat I said "24".

    happy birthday, my friend

  5. I happened to pop in via a link from a referrer to my website and whammo, I see a link to Chuck's image on Flickr, elston that is...Flickr sure makes the world smaller ;-)

  6. happy birthday my friend! I hope today is a lovely one and that the new year is full of good.good.good.


  7. happy, HAPPY happy BIRTHday! to YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU!!!~~~ december babies ROCK! they just DO! i'm wishing you a day full of LOVE!

  8. I have no idea how I got here (oh wait...it was your pic of the vintage suitcase on Flickr) and what a #%!@ perfect post. I am also a child of the 80s and can't believe I just turned (gulp) 38. How the heck did I get here? I'm jealous that you saved all that lovely 80s stuff. I have some albums but that's it. Sigh.

    Happy Birthday!

  9. I was awaiting a post on your actual birthday, but now I must wish you a belated happy one. You're young, fresh, and hip to me, friend. Revel in 37!