17 December 2007

indeed it is

I was thinking about this earlier today and it made me happy. I let go of all that I am holding onto so tightly, all the self-imposed deadlines and expectations, all the anxiety. all of it floated right out of my body and up into an infinite grey sky. they are hovering now. somewhere over lake michigan, I think.

because really, it's the thought.


  1. Gosh Andrea, you have a way of just getting to the nitty gritty...and finding magic there.
    This is an amazing post. May I link it on my blog?

  2. it's a beautiful thing to let it go and just enjoy the simply important things. thanks for the reminder.

    Love your blog


  3. Thank you. You've got a knack for reminding, my friend.

  4. love that story andrea..it actually reminds me of when you were an elementary school girl! if i remember correctly your pockets were always filled with something from your grandma's shop and other little goodies.....i thought last night...i've known you all my life...merry christmas...did you get my email?

  5. thanks, friends. not sure how much I have to do with it... usually takes someone like ava to teach me. :)

    woof nanny, thank you so much and yes, of course-- please do feel free to link this on your blog! I'd be honored.

    lora dawn! hi! yes, I got your email and have one on the way to you! and yes, you remember correctly-- grandma D. always set me up with loads of tiny goodies, just right for my pockets. so glad to have known you all my life. :)

  6. Thanks for linking back to this. I have an 18 month old I hope one day she grows to be as amazing as Ava (I have a feeling she will be)

    Thanks for the happy tears.

  7. yes, yes, yes. thank you for a desperately needed reminder over here!

  8. Yes, let that anxiety gooooooo. I have. After reading this post, I promptly quit my stressful job.

    just kidding.

    ...but I am less stressed. :> Thank you.

  9. just found your blog andrea, love it!

    i often refer to my boys as my guru's. our children really are our teachers.

    wishing you a peaceful holiday.



  10. I love this post! It lead to the other and I loved it even more. My daughter does this too, has done it for years (she is 9 now) and I was never brave enough to NOT comment, NOT let her do her thing. Like one of your commenters said on the 2005 post, I was trying to protect her from the possible hurt that giving odd gifts could bring. Thank you so much for this reminder that I needed SO BADLY right this very second.

  11. Good for you, Andrea.

    Love the subtle (and timely) movie reference!