14 December 2007

mad skills

somewhere along the way, ezra got it in his head to make penguin robots. but with foil and little paper umbrellas.

really, I just want a mind that works like that.


  1. Hope your over the birthday - it did sound a little underwhelming.

  2. that is such a great combination.

  3. yes my little ones are wondrous
    minds as well ~

    wasnt it Picasso who said it took
    him his whole life to learn
    how to paint like a child?

    or remember how to paint like
    a child

    :) we are very blessed artists to
    have children to bring us back...:)

  4. what an awesome combination!

  5. he is just so great! it is amazing how their minds work.

    we loved getting to meet the two of you yesterday, I am processing the photos right now.

  6. I just found your blog, thru another. And what I really want to know is, ARE YOU A HULA DANCER??? I lived in Hawaii for about 3 years, took beginning hula, and have pined for it ever since. Love your blog, by the way, even if you aren't a hula dancer!!

  7. oh, I WISH I had photos of the penguin robots! ezra destroyed them before I was able to even get my camera out of the bag. that's what he does these days, he makes something and then he destroys it. it makes me crazy!

    maddie, yes-- I think you're right-- it was picasso. and nothing could be more true, I think.

    devinemom, sooo great hanging out with you all friday. I know ezra had a ball (and I did too). can't wait to see your photos! I haven't transferred mine yet but will soon. I think I got a great shot of the two of them with those typewriters... hoping, anyway. :)

    karine, I so wish I could say I was a hula dancer! kind of a long story how I chose the name hula seventy, though I will say that I am a dancer-- mainly modern, but have been trained in just about everything else... except hula! I look forward to the day I get to take a class and we are hoping to eventually make it to hawaii... especially now that we live on the west coast! thanks for the kind words about the blog!