20 November 2007

tuesday's list

this is for jenny, who is super lovely and who sent me the most delightful package (all the way from buenos aires) and who tagged the likes of me for the likes of a little meme. if you want, you can read the rules here.


1. I had dental surgery when I was about 5 or 6 to close a growing gap between my two front teeth. what I remember: blindingly bright lights and a mouth stuffed full of thick cotton pads. oh, the cotton! I can almost taste it. sometimes I wish I still had that gap.

2. and speaking of gaps: when I was 19, I spent a summer working at the gap. as a result, everything in my house must be folded to perfection. the tri-fold, baby. it's all about the tri-fold.

3. when I was growing up, I thought the gym was named after my dad, jim. they sound exactly the same, you know. plus, he was the basketball coach and p.e. teacher so he spent a very large portion of his time in this place called The Gym. I'm still smarting from the disappointment that set in once the truth was uncovered. I still feel totally ripped off.

4. I do a really fabulous cher impression. think cher, the early years, cher with all the hair, the 'sonny and cher' cher. but I only do it for close friends and family and only when strongly coerced because once I start, I can't stop. I find it best to keep cher on the downlow most days.

5. I'm a stomper. and a clapper. I'm prone to rhythmic outbursts at any given moment and I make no apologies. fortunately, my family has learned to live with this.


  1. I especially like #3, since my Dad was also a P.E. teacher and basketball coach. But since his name is Wally, I didn't suffer from that confusion. ;)

  2. That's awesome, we could do a Cher retrospective... cause she got even lower and more manly-sounding as her career went from gaudy to downright bizarre. I'm pretty good at post-Sonny Cher... always cracks my wife up.

  3. i love #3 of this list. that's just too cute!

  4. When I was an elementary school teacher, I discovered that one of the kids actually thought the Gym teacher's name was Jim. Whenever his teacher said "OK, time to go to gym" he thought she was talking about the guy who teaches the class...Jim. His name wasn't Jim, of course. So adorable!

  5. Dude, I totally had the same dental surgery & I'm so mad that I did (although I had groovy blue stitches which I thought was rad). But then my two front teeth grew into each other a smidge & I too wish I still had the gap instead!!! High five to tiny commonalities.