16 November 2007

photobooth friday

three things I totally love about my grandma:

1. her wardrobe staples: kicky little red tams worn just a tad askew plus the bluest blue jeans. no one worked denim like georgia.

2. her collections: she knew what was hot way before the masses. kitschy metal lunchboxes, german silver purses, old cigar boxes and so much more. she knew what was good, what wasn't. always at the yard sales, always with the sharp eye.

3. her dances: shy, bouncy little jigs.

mother of my mother, she is still alive. she lives with her best friend (my favorite aunt) in a nursing home twenty miles from my parents. she's foggy most days but she's still in there somewhere. she comes up for air every once in a while-- in the way of a giggle here, a little song or joke there. my dad brought her lunch the other day and she popped awake and greeted him with a small smile and a-dilly-dilly-dingle-doo. that's what she said: a-dilly-dilly-dingle-doo. so yeah. she's still in there.

p.s. she can't be older than 13 or 14 here in this photobooth frame. young enough to break the heart. the older version of georgia is here.

hey, lookie:
madness rivera
second spring
pinky doll
that bee girl
the lulubird
tip wip
ansel olsen
matt hamilton
weaker vessel


  1. what a gem this photo is.

    happy friday andrea.

  2. Wow. That woman is stunning. I love seeing pictures of your family. :)

  3. these stories and the photos of your family are wonderful.

    you look so much like your grandmother.

  4. I heart your grandma something fierce.

  5. She's beautiful. It's quite obvious that her genes for beauty and good taste were passed on to you and your children.

  6. Thank you for your blog. I saw the Guerrilla Art one and was encouraged! I live outside of PDX and have been trying to think of ways to spread art and joy and I may try the way you did it.

    I think your photographs are very creative and thoughtful and they have inspired me to take more pictures again. Your self portraits are great. Who says they have to just be of your face?

    I moved to the US a few years back from Costa Rica and I see you crave culture like I do.



  7. i cannot remember the last time i took photo's in a photobooth. well, something to look forward to this week! :)