28 November 2007

still with the funk

I remain in the place that is sometimes called the funk, sometimes called the bell jar. am thinking it's hormonal. or that I am horribly vitamin deficient. or something. have also officially fallen off the nablopomo wagon. which is sort of okay since I was never really in it from the beginning. as much as I feel like hiding underneath a giant red parasol these days, there are a few things that have been coaxing the happy out of me:

photographs of my brother von with a 2 year-old ava. so sweet I could cry. I found these stashed in a huge box of junk downstairs in the basement and can hardly stop looking at them. we were having lunch at our favorite restaurant, la fonda latina, where the fresh salsa flows like honey and the natural light is always superb. am missing shooting with film. and obviously, I am missing my brothers. also, missing that two year-old version of ava (much as I adore the 7 year-old one).

another reason to come out from underneath the proverbial bell jar:

jack black. mos def. michel gondry. I cannot believe my good fortune, peoples: jack black and mos def co-starring in a film directed by michel gondry. this is so good I cannot even fathom it, so good I could cry. I carry the torch for jack black and am even crazier about mos def but the two together are enough to send me into hysterics of epic proportion. and when I found out that michel gondry had his lovely brilliant directorial paws all over the thing-- well, I had a whole seinfeldian elaine GET OUT sort of moment. but ward was sitting behind the computer and it didn't seem right to ask him to turn around just so I could shove him square in the chest and yell GET OUT. I wanted to, though. lookie at le trailer. when I'm not looking at the photos of nate and von and ava together, I am probably watching that trailer.

one last reason to de-funk:

little jar of maraschino cherries in the refrigerator.


  1. andrea, go outside and play in the rain, breathe, get your old camera out and stick some film in- shoot with abandon. hug your kids, smell them and maybe go get a maple bar doughnut with bacon on top.... smile and know that you are well.
    these are the sweetest photos ever. so very sweet. I think I need to go poor over my big tupperware box of prints and head down memory lane.
    xo sweet friend...

  2. I totally understand the funk. I go through it every once in awhile, especially during the winter. Portland's weather doesn't really help much.

    And that movie looks absolutely wonderful. Michel Gondry's creativity always manages to amaze me.

  3. i think it's okay to be in a funk. i've seen month-long funks, so you should be in the clear. i think that's what makes us function...those funks...even when we think functioning is the last thing we'll do. if it's any consolation, your words and photos are always an inspiration for me.

    p.s. that movie looks fabulous. just laughed out loud watching the trailer.

  4. I find that embracing the funk helps most. Letting it be there sometimes lightens the load. Then again, a lovely container of ice-cream & a copy of 'School of Rock' may work wonders too.

  5. I am *so* excited about movie! I <3 Michel Gondry!

  6. what fantastic photos of (blonde!) ava and her uncles. i have to agree with nessie about diving headlong into rain puddles, shooting film, and eating voodoo dougnuts. i hope the funk abates soon. :)

    (and mos def and jack black? together?! holy crap, this is excellent news.)

  7. Oh, Andrea, it's your first fall/winter in PDX...hang in there...it'll get better...really. And maybe it's hormonal and maybe it's just the time of year...it gets lots of us this time of year. You've undergone a lot of change...and being away from family and changing climates and all of it...it's a lot. I agree with your first commenter...sometimes what cheered me up most was getting OUT in the rain...walking around downtown...spending an hour wandering through Powell's...taking pictures...going to breakfast at a favorite spot...browsing in thrift stores. I see snow showers are predicted for the weekend...I used to love when it snowed there because the entire city nearly shuts down with just an inch or two. :) Those pictures of Ava are precious--I especially love her expression in the second one. ADORABLE! I LOOOVE the idea of that film! Brilliant! It's like a Miranda July project come to the big screen. Miranda used to live in PDX...there ya go...pick a project off her site and go do it...maybe it'll cheer you up. (http://learningtoloveyoumore.com/) Or go have breakfast here on a rainy morning...cheers me up when I go there now... ;)


    Something PDX-related I like to do is search for Portland artists at MySpace...love seeing what music is being made there now... Hugs to you.

  8. I'd take to you "Be Kind Rewind" if it were out now, hoping to cheer you up. Alas, we must wait until January. I wouldn't be great company, anyway, as I'm on and off funkin' myself. Saint Cupcake helped a bit last night, especially when I saw that one of my favorite photos of yours was taken there (blue table, orange seat). Missing you. Be good to yourself!

  9. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Mos.

  10. i can't wait to see that movie! hope you feel better soon.

  11. i know how you feel! sick on top of funk... but it's photobooth friday today:)

  12. happy photobooth Friday! i've got $49 bucks to live off on till payday (december 6th) my birfday leaving me with a whole slew of freebie action to partake in over the weekend. i've got a free yearly pass to the Portland Art Museum just last month. i think i will break it in on Sunday. mush, mush... break the funk! and as the song goes... that's why i found you don't play around with the funky cold medina... he he. xo

  13. having once relocated to portland myself, if its supposed to snow this weekend, worry not, your mood will improve...that town...even the smallest dust of snow...it starts to seem like a pretty little cupcake.

    if you can believe it, having relocated again to warmer climes, now i get the mean reds when it DOESN'T rain...

  14. What!
    THat trailer is High-sterical!
    I hope you get out of the funk soon.
    Sending positive vibes your way....

  15. The pics of your bros and ava...so sweet.

    You're not alone...I think we all go through a funk now and then. The good news, they go away :)

    Haven't been in touch for a long time, but I still occasionally check in here to see you're beautiful photos, magical words, and adorable family. It always inspires and brings a smile. I still manage a few blog minutes myself at times.


  16. sending good energy your way miss! just think when you get your groove back it will feel soooooo good! :)

  17. Those pictures of Ava are amazingly cute! I can see how you could get so sentimental over those cute little cheeks! Girl, I've been gettin down with a little funk myself. Sometimes I think it is necessary to feel the sorrows of winter so that we may again feel the joys of spring. We need to talk soon! Til then, take refuge in your creativity . . .

  18. maple bar dougnut with bacon on top????? that sounds like it'll do the trick. man oh man...
    good suggestions from the noodle way up top.

    i am thinking you need to wear your hair like ava's in that pic with your bro....be andrea who for a day.
    pigtails always cheer me up...or they did before i chopped off my locks.

    go out and shoot, sister. or better yet, stay in and shoot. pics of your little ones always make you (and us) smile.

    rest and love and laughter and giggles to you mah-dear.

    oh!!!! and i heart jack black so much!!!! i have watched school of rock a million cajillion times. i am stoked about this new flick!

  19. I have had many of those Elaine moments lately, although there's never anybody around to push over.

    I have just posted a msg to ask for advice from anyone who know's the Portland area. My husb and I are doing a road trip of the West coast of US next year, and not sure whether to fly in to Seattle and head down or just fly to San Fran. Will I regret missing Portland?

    Also, would love details of all the places you go to have your amazing photobooth pictures done!! xxx

  20. Such great photos!
    I am thinking of you and wishing you well. I wish I could send some happiness your way.

    (MosDef is amazing!)

  21. gosh, that second picture is just too too sweet for words. wow.