26 October 2007

photobooth friday

last saturday night was date night with the mister for the first time in many, many weeks. wish I could tell you we spent our time making out in the back row of the movie theatre but that would be a lie. it was a film we wanted to see so there was no time for any of that kissing nonsense. we did, however, hold hands while riding the streetcar. and kiss in the photobooth. though it was a bit sweaty and uncomfortable in there and of course, there was no time to properly shut the curtain so we felt the eyes of everyone in the hotel lobby on us. not partial to that kind of attention, not usually. still, it was a kiss and I will take it, I will. I will take that any day. and there were two luxurious hours spent at powell's books looking at whatever we wanted to look at. I do believe it was the first time since we moved here that I wasn't relegated to the children's section for the bulk of the visit. honestly, I didn't know what to do with myself, which is why I spent the first 15 minutes of my very precious free time secretly following ward around the book store. people, I was desperate for some mischief. unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything more clever to do than stand uncomfortably close to him until he noticed. woo hoo. golden opportunity totally wasted.

oh, but it was good. even if we never did make it to dinner. the hand-holding, the uninterrupted conversation, the walking and talking and okay yes, the kissing. all of it so good and so long overdue.

as promised:

the keks
pinky doll
that bee girl
daniel minnick
weaker vessel


  1. that's just lovely. we saw that same film on our date night last week and i loved it so much. (the movie and the date)

  2. that is the sweetest little pic! i'm with you--i'll take kisses any way and any time i can get them...love those yummy kisses...

  3. So how was that film?

    Such an unromantic question after your lovely post. But, I'm just a regular dood and practical questions do surface from time to time.

    Just curious, it looked like a good one.

  4. makes me so happy. love the photobooth strip. happy weekend friend. xo

  5. how oh how do you have yet another perfect photobooth strip?

  6. your blog makes my blog green with envy.

  7. Great picture. I loved that movie...that was the last movie date I had too.

  8. i love that you are in love with your life. i wish i was in love with mine a little more. i am not sure how to connect in deeper ways to it. i am trying to apy attention. been home with serious illness for two weeks. wish i felt as conncected as you do. any secrets? was there ever a time you did not feel conncected to all the ebauty around you> how did you get back in tune with the loveliness?

  9. hello everyone! thank you for the kind words, everyone!

    sparky firepants, I love your blogger icon. great photobooth frame! oh and the movie-- yeah, solid film... we both liked it. haven't decided if I love it yet. does that make sense? so hard to top those first two films of his. the colors in this are amazing though-- the turquoise/blues in the beginning and the reds and oranges at the end. some really really fantastic moments peppered throughout. also, I think adrien brody is a superb addition to the wes anderson aesthetic.

    anonymous, thank you for your comment, your honesty. and speaking of honesty, if I am being completely honest here, I am not always so in love with my life (or life in general). I think it's hard to love life sometimes and it sounds like you are currently dealing with something that makes life hard to love. I wish I had great words of wisdom for you here, I wish I had a secret to share. all I can say is that I try... everyday, I try. some days are harder than others but if you look, there's always something to love, even if it's the most microscopic thing. also, my spiritual life plays a great part in my connectedness, my general happiness. and just the trying each day. I will say this-- the fact that you are aware, that you want to find the good, that you are looking to love and connect on a deeper level-- this is a really, really good thing.

  10. I'm reading it a week late (life has been a bit hectic 'round these parts), but so glad that I'm reading it. What a lovely post.