09 October 2007

paint-stained hands

I took a few workshops last week and I learned some things:

from karen's class

1. bleach pens are fun. this is especially true where photographs are concerned. kind of like photoshop without the computer, karen says. and she's right. I think karen is cool.

messing with tape, paint and xerox copies in juliana's workshop

2. I really really enjoy working fast. there's no time to overthink what you're doing, no time to obsess, no time to talk yourself out of experimentation. in juliana's workshop, there were very specific instructions and small chunks of time in which to work. as a result, I took more chances, made bigger messes, played around with different colors. she kept telling us to do the one thing that felt the most wrong, the one thing we felt would absolutely not work-- just to see where it would end up. and so I let go of trying to control every last little detail. probably the best thing about making art is the moment you resign yourself to a more authentic process.

magazine pages, ready for collage

3. yes to household products, yes. for more than just cleaning. citrus cleaner messes with the ink of magazine pages in a most impressive way while furniture wax gives images a dreamy, vintage look. national geographic pages have gorgeous golden undertones. but then, national geographic pages are normally gorgeous, no alteration needed. still, nice to know you have options. (thanks, claudine. you and your workshops are so much fun).

more from claudine's class

4. when I am stuck, I tend to work in squares, or somewhat geometric shapes. I cut pieces out with very little thought behind it and then try to fit them together like an oddball puzzle. this seems to shake me out of whatever block I am having. I think maybe I have been doing this for years (because evidence is all over the place) but am just now officially acknowledging it. not sure why.

5. I'm pretty sure I need more art-making in my life. but then, I think everyone could use a little more of that. I am working on this, I am always working on this and will be for years and years to come. which is a good thing, I think.


  1. all of this is SO lovely...now when are you going to start selling your work in each of it's fabulous forms...hmmm?

  2. I've been lurking for a few months, but now I have to pipe up and say your projects are lovely, and I love the Margaret Kilgallen bits that crept in!

    Inspirational! You're great!

  3. Hello! I followed Marla here. She thought this post would be helpful - because I'm stuck stuck stuck in a rut - and it is!

    Thanks for the inspiration, from us arty types everywhere. :)

  4. a very good thing. keep it up lady.

  5. Wow! These are great. They make me want to jump in and play! I am so inspired by you, by this, by your great way of seeing things...

  6. great to see you're working andrea! I do love messing with bleach. Dipping a quill pen into the real thing gives you a negative sorta calligraphy. And dipping rubber stamps into ink and then pressing them onto a dark cardstock gives you a whole new reason to love stamps!! Cleans them off too :) Keep it up! Now, I must go make coffee and get to work myself!

  7. i love these. love them. these workshops sound amazing!

  8. oh i love all the pieces you created. this sounds like SO very much fun. i'm going to artfest in april and can't wait do to some of my own wild creating.

  9. awh yes creative spontaneity can be absolutely addictive, make more art andrea. i could live in your color!

  10. I love this part of what you said,"probably the best thing ... is the moment you resign yourself to a more authentic process."
    isn't this so true with art and with life as well..
    beautiful work andrea! beautiful

    (ps totally jealous that you got to attend these classes, totally)

  11. "the best thing about making art is the moment you resign yourself to a more authentic process"
    This comment rings my bell, thank you for the inspiration!

  12. thank you so much, everyone... xoxo

    marla, thanks for officially delurking! :) the assignement was to bring several xerox copies of images that inspire you. margaret kilgallen really inspires me, so there she is... (as is a little bit of rauschenberg).

    andrea, I know that feeling oh so well. totally honored if this post inspired you to become 'unstuck' in any way.

    katiek, ooooh! what great ideas. why have I never thought of using bleach before? also, something else we did in the altered photos workshop was cover photographs with water and then scratch away at them with an awl... fantastic effect, incredibly satisfying. thanks for the tips... looking forward to playing around!

    michelle, you are going to have sooo much fun at artfest!

    cat, means so much coming from you, my friend. truly.

    nessie, you should come next year! I think they do these workshops annually... and then we'd finally get to meet!

    nan, nothing makes me happier than being able to 'ring someone's bell'... thank you!

    again, thanks to all who left such kind comments here! xoxo to you!

  13. I need more art in my life...but that means I need more time! never enough time.

    I am going to try your cleaner and furniture wax tips and see what happens...sounds like a lot of fun.

  14. Ohhhh...I am SO jealous. I love Claudine. I took her class in Canada (Artistry 2007) and just loved every minute of it. Lovely work you lucky bug!!!!!

  15. this all so wonderful! i want to take fun art classes too!

  16. I'm gasping over here at how freakin' talented you are. Such gorgeous pieces you've created. And I envy that you're getting to all of these workshops.