19 October 2007

photobooth friday

(miss abby)

of course, we did more than just hide secret fortunes all over downtown portland last friday. we also ventured into little finnegans for a bit of shopping and a couple of turns in the photobooth.

(that ava-girl)

and yes, we did leave a few fortunes behind.

(millie bo billie)

(mister ezra)

well, mister ezra refused to wear the silly glasses. so vehemently opposed to our perfect girly plan and dead set on doing his own thing. which was a supafly version of the robot dance. I can say nothing more here than this: the boy has his own ideas about things. which is totally okay with me. even if it did throw off our whole crazy-eye theme.

hey, I want to show you something:

weaker vessel (this one too)
rising to the challenge (this one too)
nessie noodle
jodi mckee
that bee girl
pinky doll
in my shoes
totally wired

in addition: check out startling moniker who has a fantastically enormous collection of photobooth strips. oh, and daniel minnick has just added tons of new frames to the flickr group. yes, please don't forget the photobooth friday flickr group. because I've surely missed someone along the way and we just can't have that.


  1. ezra's frame is perfection. i love it because it's a decidedly italian gesture and he looks very mediterranean in this shot. i love his intensity and i love that he's a big man stuffed inside a little boy body.

  2. fantastic! it really does seem like he's about to sing an aria. something incredibly dramatic. puccini i think.

    (hope your weekend is lovely :)

  3. laughing out loud
    [when did mr. e get so big?]

  4. Tears are running down my cheeks, I'm laughing so hard. These images are priceless... the glasses? Ezra?!? Sheesh!

  5. these are fun and funny and wonderful and sweet. I started laughing as the screen opened. had to call my daughter to come and enjoy it with me.

    thank them for us!

    I'll have to come back another time to check out the links.

  6. love the glasses!! it was great meeting you at A&S- i'm going to have to dig through my photos for some old school photobooth shot!

  7. wow, kiddie booth pix are the best! i wish i could find a *real* booth here to take my kids to.... i shall continue the search ;)

  8. Oh my gosh-these children are too adorable!
    Hope all is well with you!

  9. the photo of ezra is ridiculous. love it so much!

  10. Such great shots!
    Ezra has stolen my heart with this one!

  11. oh ezra. i know i said this on flickr, but max is smitten with the same song and marches around the house (or sings in the background of car playing in his room)ROOObotPAH-rAAAAAid!! on repeats.

    those strong minded little boys, what would we do without them? ;)

  12. millie bo billie reminds me of michelle pfeiffer