22 June 2007

photobooth friday

today, I am sharing.

firstly, a personal quirk to share: I often blink the second a photograph is taken. I try hard not to, which only makes it worse. sort of a weird thing I do and if you need more concrete examples of said affliction, well, then just look at this. and especially this. though I think maybe the latest contribution is the least clumsiest of them all. this one is crying out for something like a haiku poem. here, I am unexpectedly serene. this image will not fly in my enormous gallery of blink shame. naturally, there's a gallery but I keep it hidden from the world in my favorite old adidas shoe box. I let ward look at it every once in a while but only when he is feeling really really down and I've already tried everything else. when the mimes don't work, I know it's time to bring out The Box.

secondly, some lovely mail to share: abby sent this fantastic postcard my way because she knew I'd like it. isn't that nice? thank you so much, abby-- I love it, loved finding it in my mailbox. I am having a serious love affair with the mailbox these days.

finally, some big fun to share: I went to a public pillow fight tonight. no really, I'm serious. about 200 people gathered downtown at skidmore fountain to let the pillows fly. um, totally bananas. feathers and squeals in great abundance. I told you, it's going to be a GREAT SUMMER.

still with all the sharing:

weaker vessel


  1. I absolutely adore that first picture. You do look serene and make me want to take a nap :)

    That pillow fight photo. Love it! I'm glad you are finding such great activities in your new home :) Seattle seems to suit you :)

  2. You are not alone. I blink in every picture -- it drives my husband crazy. Over the years I've developed a technique of looking off to the side or straight up to avoid the closed eyes and that drives him even more crazy. Photos of me with wide straight-on eyes are very rare. It's an affliction.

  3. love all the photos! uplifting!

    makes me want to run out into the street with my pillow;)

  4. love the blinking of the first one...maybe every once in awhile you should try just to close your eyes {and confuse the blink urge}...its beautiful.

    some friends tried to go to the pillow fight thing down here and they were totally shut down by all the extra sercurity....hehe

  5. I wanna go to a pillow fight too :(

  6. Your photos and art are very inspiring. Thanks for doing what you do.

  7. oh my goodness...how cool is a public pillow fight?

    and i love the photo of you. very zen. very peaceful.

  8. the pillow fight sounds like so much fun...

    just want ya to know your photos lately are rockin'!

  9. public pillow fight...L.O.V.E I.T!

  10. LOVE the photo of you. So dreaming, and I thought this was on purpose.

    Love the pillow fight photo too.
    Miss you, Lil Mama

  11. I think you look great in your photographs. Don't they call those bedroom eyes? I wish I looked that good with my eyes open!

  12. Hey Andrea-
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